Age: 22

Occupation: Fast Food Worker

Location: Lawrence, KS

Relationship Status: Single


Jess has been on her own since the age of 16 when her adoptive parents disowned her for being a lesbian. Since then, Jess has been swimming in debt, trying to finish her marketing degree online, and bouncing around from house to house. Jess is comfortable with her sexuality, but still struggles with not being accepted by her mom and dad. At one point, her mother offered to allow her to move back in, but Jess learned she had plans to attempt to "change" her and quickly refused the help. She is not welcome in her parents’ house, and hasn't seen her dad in over six years.


FASHION: Jess calls herself a "lumberjack lesbian." She is obsessed with plaid, black jeans, and homemade crop tops. She is interested in fashion (and loves bowties!), but being a struggling college student, Jess feels limited in the wardrobe department. Jess works at Chipotle, but is really trying to save funds and hardly ever shops. Due to her petite size and casual fashion sense, people often mistake her for a high schooler.


GROOMING: Jess rocks a side shave but her thick hair has a mind of it's own and falls to the side. Jess doesn't do anything to it and has worn it the same way forever. She has eczema on her face that leaves her skin dry and acne prone. She hasn't found a moisturizer that takes care of the problem. She's never worn makeup and doesn't know anything about it.


DESIGN: Jess rents a house with her two roommates Chase and Jess. The house is super old and the fireplace doesn't work which Jess says is a shame because growing up sitting around the fireplace reading or writing was her space to be herself. Everything is a hodgepodge and it's full of dumpster diving furniture. Her bedroom is a decent size, but her furniture is so old that it's falling apart.


FOOD: Jess learned to cook from her dad who has Creole roots from Texas and Louisiana but now rarely has access to ingredients she wants to cook with that she ends up eating frozen meals and ramen. According to her best friend, Carmen, Jess can get so overwhelmed with life that she forgets to eat. She wants Jess to have quick, healthy go-to meals (that aren't chipotle).


CULTURE: Jess loves technology! Her dream is to work in marketing for a tech or video game start-up. She used to build computers when she was young and really wants to follow that passion. Jess says the one thing she's sure of herself about is her sexuality but she's insecure about her looks and ability to provide a stable life for herself.

FAB FIVE CONNECTION: Karamo will love giving advice to this young, black woman in the LGBTQ community and Bobby will bond with her over her struggles growing up in a religious household and being kicked out as a teenager.

EVENT: Jess's 23rd birthday is August 24th and she admits birthdays and holidays without her parents are incredibly difficult.

Nominator: Carmen Ortiz, 23, best friend


  • Carmen is Jess' only confidant. They have been friends for nine years since grade school and never miss a day to talk to each other. Carmen wants Jess to come into her own and feel beautiful just as she sees her.