Age: 38

Occupation: Teacher

Location: Kansas City, MO

Relationship Status: Girlfriend


Ameer Jones is known in the KCMO area as “Ameer The Stache” for his crazy facial hair and even more outlandish personality. By day, he’s a teacher at an elementary school in Raytown, MO for troubled kids. He is beloved by his students for his wearing silly costumes, having a wacky sense of humor, and most importantly, for being someone they can count on. By night, Ameer is entrenched in the KCMO nightlife scene as a popular door manager. He says, “There’s really no difference between a five year-old and a drunk adult, so my two jobs are more similar than you’d think.” Ameer is also the father of eight-year-old Rasool, who is mildly autistic. He and Rasool recently moved into a single family home and is finally ready to quit the clowning around to be the role model his son needs. He needs help getting serious (for once) to act like the almost-40 year old he is!


FASHION: Ameer wears many hats – literally. He collects fedoras and owns over 30! He’s a HUGE fan of costumes, and he wears them in the classroom, at family functions and at the club. His personal favorites include his T-Rex Suit, his Batman onesie & his 70s Disco Suit. He says, “I can pull off eccentric clothing because of my personality,” but his sister, Aisha, begs to differ and says he needs to grow up. Ameer wears a size 16 shoe, which makes it pretty difficult to buy new kicks. He usually wears his shoes until they completely fall apart and wishes he could implement a little style into his footwear.


GROOMING: Ameer is known in the KCMO community as “Ameer the Stache” for his signature facial hair, that at some points is braided and beaded. His sister, Aisha used to be his primary hair dresser, but it’s been six years since he’s let her cut his hair. He’s self conscious about balding, so he tends to keep all the facial hair he can to help offset.


DESIGN: Ameer and his son, Rasool, just moved into their first real home together three months ago. Moving from an apartment into a three-bedroom house has been challenging, mainly because they need to buy A LOT more furniture. The space is pretty bare as it stands. It’s been a slow process to get their new house looking like a home.


FOOD: Ameer cooks in bulk on Sundays. His specialty is Ramen noodles and chili (packet style). He prefers baking to cooking – a skill he learned from his mom. He says, “I’m the dessert guy, if you want a cheesecake, you come to me.” Ameer’s son is mildly autistic, and he’s an extremely picky eater (dad’s store-bought PB&J is usually on the dinner menu). Ameer needs help adding healthy variety to his son’s meal repertoire.


CULTURE: Ameer’s top priorities are his son and his students. His days and nights are so packed with two full time jobs and being a full time parent, that he doesn’t have much time for himself. He used to love to go dancing, but that passion has been put on the backburner for quite some time.

FAB FIVE CONNECTION: JVN will know exactly how to style Ameer’s mustache just as he has done for himself. The Fab Five will love dressing in Ameer’s costumes.

EVENT: ‘Trunk or Treat’ at Robinson Elementary – the annual Halloween party at school. Instead of dressing to theme, Ameer will show up dressed to the nines for all his students, friends and family to see!  

Alt Event - HOUSEWARMING – To show off the new single family home! The family is still waiting on her invite…

Nominator: Anwar Jones, twin brother (fraternal)

  • Anwar may be Ameer’s twin brother, but he says the two of them couldn’t be more dissimilar in looks and personality. To this day, they are still compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in the movie Twins. Anwar wants the best for his brother and says since he’s become a father to Rasool, a special needs child, he’s forgotten to take care of himself. He’s become a shadow of the confident man he used to be. Anwar is begging the Fab Five to give Ameer a new lease on life!