Age: 22

Location: Austin, TX 

Relationship Status: Single 


Last year Marnie came out as trans to her family. Her mom has been very supportive, but admits it was a shock and she had to mourn the loss of her son. Marnie lives with her mom, her mom’s partner Christopher, his son (15), and her brother (18). As Marnie comes to terms with who she is, the living situation is challenging. She craves privacy and independence during this time. Marnie is also a full-time fashion design student at the University of Texas. Saving up for her Sexual Reassignment Surgery this summer is her number one priority right now.

WHY NOW:  Marnie feels lucky that she often "passes" as female. She struggles with wanting to go "stealth" and have people view her as a natural-born female vs. being openly Trans. Her biggest fear in life is having people think she is a boy. She will be having Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Thailand on June 6th and is anxiously gearing up for this life-changing event. 


FASHION: Marnie is still learning how to dress in feminine clothing. She recently purged her boy clothes and is slowly building a new, girly wardrobe. She's overwhelmed and excited by the idea of bras, dresses, and high heels. Marnie feels like she missed out on getting to dress like a little girl, so her taste leans towards cutesy, cartoonish ensembles that feel child-like. She would love to feel sophisticated and womanly. 

GROOMING: Marnie has been growing out her hair to the best of her ability. She hates the short length, so she dyes it pink to look more feminine. When applying make-up she feels like an awkward tween who's experimenting and failing! 

DESIGN: Marnie calls her tiny bedroom her 'sanctuary' away from the rest of the house. She is terrible at organization, and wishes the room felt more serene to match her newfound womanhood. The room looks like that of a messy teenager vs. a young woman in college. 

FOOD:  Marnie is vegan and doesn't dine with the rest of the family. Her mom wishes they could have family meals and sit around the table like they did when Marnie was little. 

CULTURE:  Even though she lives in Austin, Marnie often feels like an outsider living in a state that's historically conservative. Her father and grandmother have had a hard time accepting her, and they keep Marnie's gender hidden from their friends.  She struggles with dating and bouts of loneliness. Straight men are often interested in her, but will only see her in private locations. Marnie hates feeling like she's a dirty secret when it comes to dating and her family. 

EVENT:  Pow-Wow  

Nominator:  Karen Currie, Marnie's mom

When Marnie came out as Trans two years ago, Karen mourned the loss of her son and life as she knew it. Karen worries that life will be challenging for Marnie, but she is fiercely supportive and wants her to fully embrace her identity.