Age: 36

Location: San Marcos, TX 

Relationship Status: Married


Zach is one of the founders the Eyes of San Marcos - a soon-to-be nonprofit that was created as a response to the influx of litter and pollution in the beautiful San Marcos River.  The rapid population growth and tourism boom in San Antonio and Austin are having a direct impact on the conditions of the river.  It's Zach's goal to clean the trash in real-time before it can be carried out to the Gulf of Mexico.  The organization, under Zach's direction, removed 20+ tons of trash from the river last year. They also semi-successfully implemented a "can ban" barring River Tubers from drinking canned beers on the water.  


This is the first "tubing" season that the 'Eyes' will be an official nonprofit. They want to use their newfound status to increase awareness of the litter crisis happening in the river and create official legislation banning cans and glass on the water. There's a specific area of the river where mountains of glass collect and Zach is hosting a "glass bash" where the group will dive and remove as many bottles as they can.


FASHION: Zach has been told he looks like a "river monster." His friends say he always looks like he's just been swimming in the river, or is about to jump into the river. He's been called slovenly and unapproachable. He hates shopping and prefers function over fashion. 

GROOMING:  Zach rocks a ginger mullet to protect his neck from the Texas sun. He has an unkempt beard, and dry, sunburned skin. His wife has urged him to protect his skin since he's outside 90% of the day.

DESIGN: Zach and his wife Veronica live in a modest two-bedroom home. The house is essentially a storage unit for the Eyes of San Marcos. There are kayaks, life vests, and miscellaneous river items in every room. Zach and Veronica are actively trying to get pregnant, but they are worried that space will become an issue down the line. 

FOOD: Zach loves cooking and eating all types of meat.  He keeps a huge freezer full of food in his house at all times. He wants to learn how to incorporate more vegetables and alternative sources of protein into his diet. 

CULTURE: Zach is deeply passionate about the fate of the river to the point where his intensity is sometimes misunderstood. His relationship with the tubing outfitters is often fraught where it could be collaborative. He could stand to "soften" his approach versus alienating partiers and business owners. 

EVENT:  The Eyes of San Marcos are having their annual "Glass Bash" over Memorial Day Weekend. 

Nominators:  Carina and Megan, Zach's Best Friends / Fellow River Warriors

Carina and Megan are so proud of what Zach has been able to accomplish thus far. They know he has it in him to take the group to the next level, but he needs to boss up.