Age: 64

Occupation: President of St. John's Catholic Club

Location: Kansas City, KS

Relationship Status: Single


Kenny Yarnevich is a proud descendant of Croatian immigrants, and has devoted his entire life to helping his community and family. By putting others first, he's unintentionally put himself last. At 64, he's tired of being the lonesome loveable bachelor and he's ready to let people into his life, and his home, instead of constantly entertaining elsewhere. He’s ready to make his golden years the most rewarding time of his life.


FASHION: Kenny’s a huge supporter of all the local sports teams--Chiefs, Royals, and KU. He lives in sports clothes, typically in his favorite team colors: red, white, and blue. If he’s not supporting his teams, he’s wearing red and white Croatian shirts.  Kenny recently lost over 30lbs, but he still wears his old clothes which are swimming on him.


GROOMING: Kenny thinks he's got it going on because he has a "gal that cuts his hair every now and again." He's been rocking a mustache for the last few decades, which seems to be a bit crooked. His legs are dry and could definitely use some lotion. He has never gotten a manicure, pedicure, massage, or facial. His sister, Kathy, says sometimes she looks at him and wishes he would clean it up because his outer appearance doesn't match the Kenny they know he is inside.


DESIGN: Kenny was the one sibling in his family without children or a spouse, and he stepped up to care for his aging parents. After they passed in the 1980s , Kenny inherited his parents' home, where he continues to live today. Kenny's house is a cluttered time capsule, and he even sleeps on his parents old bed. The stove is from the 50's, his kitchen sink doesn't work, and there's an inch of dust covering the entire house.  His beloved dog passed a few months ago, and he has yet to part with the dog bowls and leash.  The space has potential, including a massive yard and deck, but with no guests in the last 20 years, it's been overlooked and buried.


FOOD: Kenny's kitchen has old appliances that haven't worked in decades. If he does cook, he uses the stove down at St John’s Catholic Club, where he flips burgers for tailgate parties. Kenny works nights at a local health club part time and has recently started eating healthier. He would love to learn how to cook healthier recipes.


CULTURE: Kenny's life revolves around his family, the St. John’s Church, electronics, and the weather. The Croatian community is a big part of his life. While Kenny loves being social, he’s never entertained in his home. His nephew Alex, 22, has never even stepped foot in Uncle Kenny’s house. Kenny enjoys tinkering with electronics, he’s wired up his bathroom so the radio turns on when you flip the light switch. He still has a special radio for weather alerts, a room full of old TVs, and even knows morse code. If all cell phones and internet go down he could still communicate via radio from his attic.

EVENT: Yarnevich Holiday Dinner! Kenny's four siblings rotate holiday dinners at their respective homes, but Kenny has never hosted! He feels terrible about it, but has no idea how he would ever host anyone in the current state of their home.

Nominator: His sister, Kathy, and her family


  • Kathy and her family continue to invite Kenny to family functions and holidays, but he has never once hosted a party at his house. His family wants Kenny to come around more often & open himself up to new possibilities!