Occupation: amateur wrestler

Location: Hollywood, CA

relationship status: single

social media: Instagram


Najjar, 28


The fact that Ricky can't find love is compounded by his playboy reputation and his desire for both men and women. Ricky is confident in his sexual prowess but is clueless when it comes to securing a happy healthy polyamorous relationship and needs help. 



  • Ricky identifies as Muslim. He had a very religious upbringing filled with traditional Muslim beliefs and ideology.

  • At age 20 when Ricky came out as bisexual, his family was completely shocked. His brother no longer speaks to him, and his once close relationship with his sisters is now strained.

  • Ricky was recently “forced” out of the family home due to his controversial lifestyle choices. He is hurt by his family’s actions, but also aware that the way he chooses to live does not align with typical Muslim beliefs.



  • Ricky is attracted to “blonde bombshells of all genders”. He says monogamy doesn’t work for him – he is far too sexual to be with one person. His ideal scenario is an open relationship with multiple partners.

  • Due to his sexual proclivities, Ricky has a hard time dating. Most people he meets are not interested in the “swinger” lifestyle. Ricky has also established a bit of a bad reputation in his social circle. He is often labeled as a “player” even though he says he’s truly a sweetheart with a lot of love to give.

  • Ricky struggles with being his true self vs. being “in character” for wrestling. He admits he often hides behind his character instead of showing the real him to people.



  • Ricky is a full-time wrestler! He plays the villain character ‘Prince Raccid Mohammad Abdula Najjar’ in wrestling shows all over California. According to Ricky, playing the bad guy comes naturally to him.



  • Ricky loves taking care of himself, but he has never been on a retreat! He is super open to the idea, mostly in hopes of meeting “hot” likeminded individuals.



  • Ricky will go ‘gaga’ for Amanda’s bombshell bod and do whatever it takes to be close to her.

  • Due to their polar opposite personalities, Ricky and Mike will be likely enemies despite their similar backgrounds.

  • Ricky, Briana, and Greg will be the “party crew” always looking to have a good time and get into shenanigans!