The underappreciated mother

Occupation: Stay-At-home-MOm

Location: las vegas, Nv

relationship status: married

social media: Instagram


Amanda is sick and tired of feeling under-appreciated by her workaholic husband and bratty, spoiled kids. She is desperate to reconnect with herself outside of her roles as wife and mother. She has no recollection of who the real Amanda is anymore. 



  • Amanda met her husband Dimitri when she was dressed as a “slutty mermaid” at a Halloween party 20 years ago.

  • They have been married for 18 years and are the parents to Nicholas (15), Alexandra (13), and Christian (11).

  • Amanda’s life revolves around her kids demanding schedules. Despite having help from her housekeeper, Lupe, Amanda is drowning from the emotional neediness of her teens/pre-teens.

  • Her Pageant Queen daughter, Alexandra, was bullied at school for being Amanda’s mini-me. The insults were so cruel that Amanda was forced to pull her out of Junior High and homeschool her.

  • Amanda’s husband Dimitri owns one of the largest Cannabis companies in the United States. His work requires constant travel and long hours.

  • Amanda says there is no longer any romance between her and Dimitri. He refuses to sleep in the same bed as her, and recoils at her touch. 



  • Amanda describes her mother as “Mrs. Claus”- a chubby, plain woman. Amanda’s goal in life was to be the opposite.

  • Amanda’s dad divorced her mom to date a bevy of Playboy models, and Amanda realizes that she’s turned into the woman she always saw her dad dating.

  • Amanda’s in-laws hate her attention-grabbing persona and have been telling Dimitri to leave her for years.



  • Amanda almost went on a $5000 wellness retreat led by Brooke Burke but canceled last minute.

  • She has a hard time keeping a straight face when doing anything too “hippy dippy”, but she’s all about anything that will make her look younger!



  • Amanda and Katy will bond over their tumultuous marriages and controlling husbands.

  • Amanda and Crosby will have an intense flirtation!

  • Amanda will relish in the attention she gets from Ricky – even if it’s unreciprocated.

  • Amanda and Sandi can both relate to being unsatisfied, in their mid-40s, and unsure of what chapter is next for them.