Nasar, 28


the Commitment Phobe

Occupation: Charter pilot/

flight attendant 

Location: the sky (based in ATL/NYC)

relationship status: Open relationship

social media: Instagram


Immie Naser is running from commitment to his friends, his family, love, a job that makes him happy and his sexuality. He’s afraid of tying himself down, but he’s ironically lonelier than ever. If he doesn’t take a much-needed pause, he’ll miss out on what he’s seeking in life most.



  • Immie grew up in the desert of Saudi Arabia with his parents and sister, completely isolated from the rest of society. His family is Indian, so he never felt a part of this Middle-Eastern world.

  • At 14, his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia, which was a total culture shock at first. After 8 years, Immie finally started feeling “American,” but it was then that he dropped out of university and traded his biology studies for the sky.

  • Jumping into the world of aviation as a flight attendant, Immie decided he would connect with as many strangers as he could to fully grasp the meaning of human connection. In 5 years, he’s travelled to over 61 countries. 



  • He finds it easier to connect with strangers than his own friends and family, who he’s abandoned over the years. His family calls him cold-hearted and disconnected, and his friends have stopped inviting him to their life events, because he’s unreliable.

  • Immie admits he regrets being a selfish son and friend.

  • Immie is conflicted about this lifestyle on the road, because he feels lonelier than ever. He says he doesn’t belong anywhere, which in turn makes him conflicted about his own identity.



  • Immie has a lot of love to give, so much so that his coworkers call him the “village ram” because they think he’s sleeping with everyone.

  • Every new place he travels to, he connects with someone emotionally (and usually sexually) as a way to better understand himself.

  • He’s currently in an “open relationship” with a woman he loves, but says he’s not in a position to be monogamous while on the road.

  • He admits to flirting with men as well as women, but says he’s straight.

  • He’s searching for himself in other humans and longs for inclusion.



  • Immie has considered taking a pause and going to a wellness retreat in recent times.

  • He’s feeling the need for change but doesn’t know how to go about it.



  • Immie will fall in love with anyone who gives him attention at the retreat. Lauren is definitely his type and looks strikingly similar to his current “non-girlfriend.”

  • Robin Covington will reach out to Immie as a mother figure at first, but sparks will fly as time goes on.