EDwards, 34


Occupation: owner and Retreat MANAGER of



relationship status: single

social media: INSTAGRAM


  • Cory is the Owner and Retreat Manager of Bohdi Tree Yoga Resort.  He’s led countless retreats that have helped others to change their lives.

  • Bohdi Tree is a family-owned and operated business started by Cory’s father Gary Edwards.  Gary had done extreme sports all his life and had broken his left leg three times and had fiver surgeries on each knee.  He started doing Yoga to rehabilitate his knees.  Wanting to share these benefits with others he decided to build Bohdi Tree in Costa Rica.

  • Gary convinced Cory to leave his stressful, corporate job in Canada and manage the day-to-day operations of the resort, and Cory hasn’t looked back since!

  • At the start of each retreat, Cory gathers the attendees in a shala to prep them for the week ahead.

  • He is always willing and available to speak one-on-one with the guests and help with any issues that arise.

  • Cory’s favorite part of his job is meeting the interesting guests that stay at the resort. He’s been known to mingle a lot with the female clientele.

  • At times being a retreat manager can be difficult, as he’s experienced guests who have trouble relinquishing control. However he takes it as a challenge and is positive he can get them to make the change in their lives that they are looking for.

  • Cory is pretty lax when it comes to rules at the resort. His biggest concern is when staffers date guests. He has had to fire employees for sneaking into guest bedrooms!

  • Cory is very single, and while he likes to party, he’s also looking for true love.