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  • Lola and Tigre are the owners and founders of Wild Playground, a wellness company that offers a variety of services and therapies with a focus on restorative, epic, and life-changing retreats.

  • Lola is a “witchy woman” and she’s studied herbalism, Peruvian plant medicine, and sociology.

  • Tigre is an expert in organic farming and permaculture.

  • Lola and Tigre’s retreats are jam-packed with laughter, tears, friendships, and ayahuasca.

  • They are specifically curated for people on the brink of making a major change in their lives.

  • The retreats have a “leave your BS” at the door policy. They want participants to be fully committed to doing the work and that means making major sacrifices. No meat, no phones, no tablets, no salt, and absolutely no sex – either with a partner or by yourself.

  • According to Lola and Tigre, in order for true change to occur you must erase the things that distract you and numb you.

  • While each retreat is unique to its participants, there are a few constants on each journey. Every retreat includes ceremony circles which can be upwards of four hours long, nature hikes, ayahuasca ceremonies, one-on-one check-ins/therapy session, bedtime tuck-ins, and more.

  • Lola and Tigre use their feminine/masculine energy to balance out the guests. They say by the end of the retreat the guests see them as parental figures.

  • Prior to meeting and becoming retreat leaders, Lola and Tigre were both married to other people and working high-paying corporate jobs in Orange County.

  • After Lola gave birth to her first son in her “practice marriage” she realized her entire life was a lie. Although she was terrified, she left her husband and her career, and listened to her calling.

  •  She believes she is a great leader because she always practices what she preaches, admits when she is wrong, and never judges someone for making a mistake.

  • Lola and Tigre typically lead their retreats in Peru, but are open to hosting all over Central America and South America.