Age: 28

Occupation: Above Wing Customer Service Agent

Location: Swarthmore, PA

Relationship Status: Single


Dia is a spunky, energetic gate agent at Delta’s Philadelphia airport. She relocated to Philly five years ago from her hometown of Detroit just for this exciting job opportunity. As a gate agent, Dia is on the front lines! She has no control over anything, yet she is the first one to be blamed for delays, cancellations, and acts of nature that prevent the planes from taking off.  She sees the best in people and never lets a cranky customer ruin her day. She often has to deliver bad news to passengers and she does it with humor and grace. Dia came to Philly without friends, family, or a place to live.  She’s thrived in her position, and loves her fellow crewmembers like family. She just started Graduate school and for the first time in her life she has an apartment of her own. Dia works two jobs and goes to school full-time – she makes zero time for self-care , and she’s always putting the needs of others ahead of her own. She is the unofficial “social chair” of the team – throwing her colleagues baby showers and birthday parties without thinking twice. Dia was raised by a single mom and her brother is incarcerated. She fells an immense amount of pressure to succeed in life and support her family. A former dancer, Dia takes one “break” a week to hit the local roller skating rink! She calls it her therapy.


Dia is running herself ragged. Juggling two jobs with school is starting to take a physical, mental, and emotional toll on Dia’s health.  She is hyper-focused on succeeding at work/school and she is neglecting other facets of her life.  She has a new crush at the airport, but she’s reluctant to take things to the next level. She’s scared to be vulnerable, and uses work as an excuse to shut people out.


FASHION: Dia’s default look is sneakers and leggings.  She’s 4’ 11” and a 38 DDD so she struggles with finding clothing that fits her properly. She only owns one pair of jeans because she can never find pants that look good on her. She feels “stuck” when it comes to her style. She’s either totally dressed down OR in a strapless tube dress with platform heels. She idolizes Taraji P. Henson and aspires to dress like a classy, grown woman. 

GROOMING: Dia hasn’t had a haircut in over four years! She wants to grow out her natural hair, so she’s been hesitant to trim it, but the ends are completely dead and dry. On a typical day, Dia doesn’t wear make-up. When she goes out she goes for an over-the-top look complete with glitter eye shadow. She wants to learn how to have a normal, everyday make-up routine. Dia washes her face with hot water, and she doesn’t know anything about proper skin care.

DESIGN: For the first time in her life, Dia has a place of her own! When she first moved to Philly she stayed in the basement of a generous coworker. Four years later, she has her own spacious apartment. Dia moved in two months ago but she’s still living out of bins and boxes.  She doesn’t have a proper place to eat meals or do work. She has a comfortable full-size bed, but opts to sleep on a deflated air mattress in the living room so she doesn’t get to cozy and oversleep. Due to her stature, Dia needs to use a stepstool to see into her bathroom mirror.

FOOD: Dia’s diet is poor. She feels like she doesn’t have time to cook, so her meals are on-the-go. She has lots of Dunkin’ Donuts, Chik-Fil-A, and pizza. She’s been known to drink coffee at odd hours throughout the day to keep her going on nights where she hasn’t slept.

CULTURE: Dia’s father passed away before she was born. She never really thinks about it, or talks about it and her mom says it’s caused a huge void in her life. Dia also suffers from PCOS and worries she might never be able to have children.  Dia is also struggling with the incarceration of her older brother. She’s never been in a serious relationship with reciprocal love and respect.

EVENT: Dia and her crush have been texting every day since August! They have yet to dedicate time to their newfound flirtation, or even put a label on it. Dia wants to know where she stands, but needs the courage to have a direct heart-to-heart with her crush!

Nominator: Nicole Harmon (Dia's Mom)

  • Nicole says Dia wears a coat of armor to mask her true feelings. She loves that her daughter is a beam of light, but she knows she distracts herself to avoid confronting painful realities like the loss of her father and incarceration of her brother.

Nominator: Shante Moore (Dia's Colleague)

  • Shante is Dia’s “work mom.” She has been Dia’s “rock” in Philly and wants to see her learn to take care of herself and have fun!!