Age: 49

Location: Del Valle, TX 

Relationship Status: Married


Arnold is a hardworking car painter, devoted husband of 26 years, and outstanding father to five beautiful daughters whose ages range from 13 to 26. Being the "man of the house" hasn't been easy, but Arnold would do anything for the ladies in his life. Now that his youngest is a teenager, he and his wife Lorena are coming to terms with the fact that their baby girls are growing up. Arnold is emotional discussing this new ilife chapter, and hopes he and Lorena can rekindle their romance that has been backburnered for years.


 Arnold's second youngest daughter, Sofie, is having a huge Sweet Sixteen this June. The family incorporates Mexican traditions into the big day. Arnold will perform a ceremony where he puts on Sofia's first pair of heels, and partake in the traditional father/daughter dance. Although Arnold has done this three times before, he's more nervous than ever. The girls tease him for his outfits and dances of Sweet Sixteens past, and for his little Sofie he wants to look and feel his best.


FASHION: Arnold wears his Auto Technician shirt every. single. day. He wears it to dinner, he wears it to the movies, he wears it to the grocery store. If you see Arnold, he WILL be in that shirt! He hates shopping, mostly because the girls drag him to the malls for hours on end . 

GROOMING:  Arnold does nothing to maintain his bushy beard and wild mane. His bathroom is overflowing with make-up, feminine hygiene products, and girly soaps. His fingernails are usually covered in dirt and paint from his long days painting cars. 

DESIGN: Arnold shares his small home with his wife and five daughters. His eldest daughter, Mari, recently moved out and Arnold is still coping with the fact that she's no longer at home. Up until a few months ago, his two youngest daughters shared the master bedroom with Arnold and his wife! Arnold and Lorena are still adjusting to having their bedroom to themselves.

FOOD:  Arnold can't cook. His "meals" are canned chili or campbell's soup. He eats fast food at least once a day. Lorena is exhausted from cooking for all five girls for the past 20+ years. Arnold has never once made her dinner in their 26 years of marriage! 

CULTURE: As Arnold's daughters grow from little girls to women he is beginning to feel a disconnect with them. He says he used to be the "preferred parent" but now they turn to his wife for comfort, or to talk about boys and "lady things." He wants to learn how to support them as their problems evolve. Additionally, Arnold was raised by his grandparents and helped raise his nine younger siblings. He has never truly had anyone take care of him, and his identity is shaped around the sense of being a "provider." He views self-care as something for wealthy people who don't get their hands dirty. 

EVENT:  Sofie's Sweet 16! 

Nominators:  Mari, Karina, Victoria, Sofie and Tiffany, Arnold's Daughters

Arnold's daughters have an abundance of love and respect for their dad. They've watched him work so hard and make countless sacrifices for the ladies in his life. They want to see him look and feel amazing at Sofie's Sweet 16, and reconnect with their mom, Lorena.