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The Speight siblings are coping with the tragic and sudden loss of their father who died this past March. They have yet to take time out to fully process and face their grief. They need to heal and move forward with their mission of fulfilling their father’s wish of them becoming an iconic music trio in their own right.


  • Tony, Tabitha, and Tiffany are the children of “music royalty”, Gino Speight.

  • Gino was a member of the highly popular disco group, The SOS Band. They are best known for their chart-topping singles “Take Your Time (Do it Right)” and “Just Be Good To Me”.

  • The Speight siblings grew up in a huge house in Nashville’s most elite suburb, Brentwood.

  • The siblings grew up performing alongside their dad all around the world.

  • While undergoing routine back surgery Gino experienced a blood clot followed by a heart attack.

  • The entire community rallied to support the Speights during this tragic time.

  • Tony, Tabitha, and Tiffany admit to suppressing their emotions and focusing on the band.

  • Tony has moved back home to help the family out, and having all three Speights under the same roof has been challenging.

  • The siblings have never had a death in the family before and the grieving process is completely foreign to them.

  • Their dad was the breadwinner and provided the kids with everything they could ever want, new cars, new clothes – you name it, they got it. Now the pressure is on to generate their own income.

  • It was their dad’s dream that they make it big as a musical trio but their communication issues are completely hindering them. 



  • Tony, Tabitha, and Tiffany couldn’t be more different from each other.

  • Tony is gay, but was never comfortable being his true self around his devoutly religious father.

  • Tony has been more open with his sexuality since his father’s passing. He feels guilty that something positive has come out of his death.

  • Tabitha is the “diva” of the group and she and Tiffany are “frenemies” that constantly bicker.

  • Tiffany is the boy-crazy baby of the family. She is quick with a comeback and known to throw shade.


  • The Speights grew up in a house that worships Jesus Christ – their mom is even a minister!

  • They have been heavily relying on their Christian faith to get them through this trying time.



  • A close friend of Tony’s swears by wellness retreats and he is dying to take his sisters on one.

  • They desperately want to go on a vacation so they can take the time to properly mourn and reflect on their father’s death.



  • The Speights will hit it off with Robin, Christine and Audrey due to their shared religious backgrounds.