Age: 50 & 47 

Occupation: Own a Cheesesteak Restaurant

Location: Fishtown, Philadelphia

Relationship Status: Married / Serious Girlfriend


David and Mike Frank, two Jewish brothers, opened a cheesesteak and pizza shop in Philly six years ago. Mike has 30 years experience in the restaurant business and talked his younger brother, David, into quitting his NY finance job so they could open a place together.  The Frank Brothers are incredibly street smart, hardworking, and determined to make their business succeed. They have been so focused on the business that their home lives and their health are suffering. Both brothers have young children and partners at home, but they rarely see them since the business comes first. Now that they have made a name for themselves, are they able to let go of the reigns and start to take better care of their loved ones and themselves?


These overworked, stressed out, wisecracking brothers need to stop and smell the roses. With young children at home they are missing out on memories and critical family bonding. They’ve lived fast and hard lives and won’t be around to enjoy their hard work if they don't learn to have some balance in their lives.


FASHION: The brothers live in their work clothes on and off the clock.  They both wear non-slip Sketchers and Mike likes cut off t-shirts. David has a permanent ring around his head from constantly wearing a snug baseball cap.

GROOMING: Both guys need help with basic hygiene - showering, brushing teeth, etc. They have basic haircuts, and know nothing about style/trends.

DESIGN: Due to their late nights and chronic snoring, neither brother sleeps in the master bedroom with their partner.

FOOD: Mike is ALWAYS at the restaurant and eats on the run. He grabs a slice a pizza without putting much thought into what he is eating.  David refuses to eat leftovers and even though Jordana, his long-term girlfriend and mother of his child cooks for him, he eats fruit roll ups, TV dinners, and other little kid snacks intended for his 4-year-old son.

CULTURE: The brothers live separate lives from their families. They work hard to make a nice living, but it’s coming at a cost. The couples rarely all see each other because Mike and David are on opposite schedules. Date nights and free weekends don't exist.

Nominators: Amanda & Jordana (The Frank Brothers’ wife & girlfriend)

  • Amanda & Jordana are both mothers to young children. They are worried their men are missing out on all the special moments in their lives. The Frank brothers have been running the business for 6 years now, and they’re hoping they can scale back on the biz to put in some time with their family!