The self-destructor

Occupation: Fashion Consultant

Location: London, uk

relationship status: Single

social media: Instagram


Lauren is super put-together on the outside but completely self-destructive on the inside. She hates herself and claims she is stupid and unworthy of love. She is failing in every single aspect of her life from career to family to health.  She needs to learn to love herself before she slips even further of the deep end.



  • Lauren was born in Manchester, England, the eldest of 9 children, 5 of whom are from her father’s subsequent relationships. Her youngest sibling is 6-months old and the mother is Lauren’s age.

  • As a child, Lauren moved around constantly, from Manchester to London to Monaco, which made it hard for her to make friends. For Lauren, “home” is an elusive term, so she tries to find that feeling of stability in the men she dates.

  • Her household was always wrought with family feuds, and her parents divorced when Lauren was 15. The fighting caused Lauren anxiety, which eventually led to an eating disorder that started at age 8.

  • When she was shipped off to boarding school for high school, Lauren’s eating disorder persisted, surrounded by body-conscious female peers.

  • Lauren went into treatment at 19 for anorexia and bulimia, and has made huge strides with her disorder. She does however, admit to this day, that the thoughts are still there, and that’s something she’s constantly battling.

  • Lauren is very close with her beloved father, but he’s been in and out of her life since she was a baby. She admits her issues with men in her adulthood stem from her fears of abandonment by him.



  • When it comes to love, Lauren wants the guy who will “slap her on the ass and say she’s ugly” rather than a man who texts her back and supports her.

  • She’s had a slew of ugly breakups and hundreds of comical dates with men who are wrong for her.

  • This summer, Lauren watched her younger sister get married. It hit home, especially being lovingly teased by most of the family by her lack of a boyfriend.

  • At almost 30 years old, Lauren is ready to finally change her destructive mentality and find a man who knows her self-worth and supports her through good times and bad.


  • Lauren has literally tried every wellness trend there is, including and not limited to fasting clinics, skinny tea, juice cleanses and frog poison.

  • She once shipped herself off to India after heartbreak and meditated in silence for a couple weeks to try to heal. She’s dabbling with doing Ayahuasca for the first time and will try anything once!



  • Lauren and Immie will bond over their many travels. Lauren has a thing for Indian men, so there could be potential for love connection as well.

  • Lauren and Audrey will bond over their love for fashion and curiousity for Eastern philopshy and alternative therapies.

  • Lauren and Christine will be fast friends and relate to each other over their issues with their parents.