Age: 46

Location: Bryan, TX

Relationship Status: Married


David is a working cowboy, which means he is hired by different ranches or herd owners for a variety of reasons. This could be for roping cattle and administering medicines, branding, separating herds, or even finding lost cows in the deep brush. David is also a well-known horse trainer, a business he's gotten more invested in as he's become older and the mom and pop cow ranches have started to disappear in his town. A family man, David is a parent to two high school-age kids; daughter, Jewels, and son, Sam. While they may live out in the country, David's son is a typical teenager- all video games and social media. David may be a master at cow wrangling, but he'll admit he's no master of the father/son relationship. 


David is getting older and wants to put more energy into his horse training business. He's had a lot of people connect with him from all different parts of the country wanting his expertise. He's made a few attempts at making online video tutorials for them, but they were clunky and awkward. He's the first to admit that the internet is the wild, wild west to him and he has no clue how to present himself on camera. His very outgoing daughter relishes time on camera, often overshadowing Sam who very much wants to be a part of the experience. Coming from an old-school cowboy culture, David doesn't know how to communicate or include his son without feeling "soft".  He's hoping the Fab 5 can not only show him how to work the camera for a new line of client video tutorials, but also help him engage and connect with his very modern son. 


FASHION: David is a cowboy through and through. He owns blue jeans and blue jeans ONLY. He can spot a cowboy wannabe a mile away and the first tip off is a pair of black jeans- only real working cowboys stick to blue. He's a practical man and buys clothes meant for functionality- only light colored shirts due to the heat and a straw hat for summer and felt hat for winter. He doesn't have a lot of "night on the town" clothes, but as he mentioned, being a cowboy and a dad doesn't often require fancy clothes. 

GROOMING: David's had a Magnum P.I. mustache for well over a decade now and you'll rarely find him without a cowboy hat on his head. His skin is beyond dried and cracked from years under the harsh Texas sun- his wife mentioned it's like going to bed with a Texas raisin every night. 

DESIGN: David and his wife scraped and saved for years to buy the house they live in now. His wife has never been a fan of the rustic look, however, David has given it a western edge with more than a few Charles Russell paintings. The kids are at a phase where they don't think any of the home is cool besides their rooms and so David rarely sees them once they've come home from school. David would love to make the family room a space that blends the kids taste with his love for the country- a place everyone wants to spend time in. 

FOOD: Like most parents, David and his wife are shuttling kids around and everyone is on a very different schedule. He used to cook breakfast, but the kids would run late for school and he'd ultimately find himself with a heap of food and no one to eat it with. They eat out a lot, however, David would love to have more meals together with his family- especially to connect with his kids. 

CULTURE: David was born and raised in "cowboy culture". This means he has to play the tough guy role- being vulnerable isn't a part of his make up. That being said, this rough persona stifles his ability to connect with his family. He needs to learn that just because you're open, doesn't mean you're weak. 

EVENT:  Video Tutorial Website Launch

Nominators: Katie Neason, David's wife; Jewels and Sam Neason, his kids

David's family are his biggest fans and believe that an old cowboy can certainly learn new tricks!