Age: 64

Occupation: Director of Music and Fine Arts, Quincy Public School District

Location: Quincy, IL

Relationship Status: Married to husband Gary for 32 years


For the past 30+ years, Kathi has been a music educator with the Quincy Public School district. At present, she oversees 60 teachers for the Music and Fine Arts department.  Kathi describes herself as the “head honcho organizer” of the school. She spearheads school concerts, plays, musicals, marching band, show choir – and the list goes on and on! Her students say Kathi as a “legend”  - she is known and beloved by all in this tight-knit Midwest community. This past summer she has attended the weddings of 16 former students! Since Kathi and Gary have no children of their own, they consider their students to be family, she has impacted the lives of so many, and her incoming class of Seniors would love to do something epic for her before they graduate!


FASHION: Kathi’s work schedule is so hectic that she never has time to shop. Nearly every item of clothing she owns is a “Today’s Special Value” on QVC. She loves QVC because it’s on in the middle of the night when she can’t fall asleep. Sometimes she’ll receive packages, and completely forget that she ordered the items because she was half-asleep at the time! Kathi’s wardrobe staples are leggings and loose dresses.


GROOMING: Kathi has had the same mullet hairstyle since 1977! She has heard it’s something people joke about in the community. She’s had the same style for so long that two of her hairdressers have died over the years. Kathi says you must have been cutting hair in the 1980s to be qualified to cut her hair! She’s never colored her hair, and is proud to be a redhead like her dad who passed away. Kathi likes wearing discounted makeup from QVC (naturally). She typically wears foundation to cover her freckles, blush, and a bit of mascara. She’s never worn lipstick or eyeliner.


DESIGN: Kathi spends nearly all of her time at school – a typical day is 10am-midnight. She even keeps a small cot at school so she can opt to spend the night instead of driving home! The school is super dated and the teacher’s lounge and student dressing rooms could use a major face lift.


FOOD: Every single morning Kathi hits up the Hardee’s drive-thru for coffee and a biscuit. Her fast-food breakfast holds her over until dinnertime! For dinner, she’ll meet her husband Gary at a local restaurant where all the waiters give her the  “usual.” Kathi admits to never having cooked a day in her life.


CULTURE: Karamo will lead a class in teen culture and discuss the school shooting that happened at his former school.


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: JVN was born and raised in Quincy and has known Ms Dooley since the 4th grade. This episode will truly be a walk down memory lane as he revisits his old stomping grounds – and cuts Kathi’s hair!


Antoni will teach a home ec class! He’ll show the students how they can make fun & easy concession snacks to raise money for the big parade in October!


EVENT: Every October, the Quincy music department hosts a massive ‘Oktoberfest’ parade that unites the entire community. Ms. Dooley puts her blood, sweat, and tears into making sure the event is seamless each year!

Nominator: Drew Figge, 17 - Student/Choir Club President


  • Drew has known Ms. Dooley since he was a shy 4th grader joining the chorus. Over the past eight years, he says she is more than just a teacher to him, he considers her a friend and confidant. Drew has watched Kathi (students close to her call her by her first name) follow the same routine and wear the same outfits since he was 9-years-old! He’d love to see her learn the art of #selfcare.