Age: 33

 Location: Round Rock, TX 

Relationship Status: Married


Megyn is a stay-at-home mom to two boys, Noah (11), and Keegan (9). She is married to Chris, 35, a firefighter, and her high school sweetheart.. 


In June 2019, Keegan told his parents he was gay. As an openly gay kid in a conservative town, he has been bullied at school and within the community. He is often misgendered due to his non-gender conforming clothing. Megyn and Chris love their son, but they are struggling with making sure he feels safe, protected, and supported. Keegan has become obsessed with drag performance and has started a collection of fabulous wigs, dresses and make-up. Megyn supports her son, however, feels a little clueless in how to relate. Keegan's 10th birthday is coming up and normally Chris and Megyn host separate parties for the friends and family who do support/know Keegan is openly gay and those who may not know/or have more conservative feelings toward the situation. This year they're hoping to have one, big party- Keegan should feel proud to be him and his parents want nothing more than to show they stand behind their kid no matter what. 


FASHION:  Megyn describes her look as "tired mom". She's always been a tomboy and sticks to a lot of yoga pants and large hoodies by default. She's mentioned that she loves an androgynous look, like the music artist Pink, but doesn't really know how to curate that look for herself. Keegan likes to call her look tragic! 

GROOMING: Megyn fosters cats and kittens at the home, specifically in her bedroom. This means her long hair is usually tied back or covered in cat kibble. Because she's taking care of a household and kitties, who have overrun her room, her self-care routine is nonexistent. 

DESIGN: Megyn and Chris love their spacious home, however, the house is pretty bare and sterile- especially for how vibrant their kids are. Megyn currently sleeps with the foster kitties in the master bedroom, while her husband often stays in the guest bedroom- he needs a good night sleep for his physically-demanding job.They've been meaning to designate both time and space to each other, however, life has been busy this past year. They're hoping the Fab 5 can give their home an upgrade that's reflective of their loud and proud family. 

FOOD: Megyn is cooking for two young boys and her husband (who is like a boy when it comes to food). She's a big fan of anything frozen from Trader Joe's or food that is microwavable-friendly. She wants to learn how to meal-prep, but wants to make sure there's variety for her easily bored kids. 

CULTURE: Since Keegan, has become more interested in drag culture, Megyn has found herself clueless in how to relate or even help when it comes to make-up, wigs and clothing. They've met two wonderful drag queens, who are now Keegan's "Drag Moms", but Megyn would like to be his mom who can also moonlight as a Drag Mom too! 

EVENT:  Keegan's 10th Birthday Party

Nominator: Chris Hintz, Megyn's Husband & Keegan Hintz, Megyn's Son

  • Chris and Keegan are Megyn's #1 fans. Keegan can't wait for his mom to feel as confident and glamorous as him!