AGE: 27




  • Ariel grew up in Tampa, FL and her academic parents supported her creative pursuits from a very young age. At just eight years old, she went to camp at an ornate chateau in Paris and fell in love with architecture and design.

  • After graduating from Florida State University’s competitive interior design program, Ariel set her sights on NYC.   

  • Upon arrival in the big city Ariel immediately landed gigs at coveted design studios, Kemble Interiors and McGrath2. Working under seasoned pros allowed Ariel to quickly excel in the business and start her own company, Ariel Farmer Interiors.

  • Despite being so young, Ariel has made a name for herself in NYC’s booming interior design scene.

  • Ariel has designed countless luxury properties in New York, Florida, Connecticut, and the Dominican Republic. Her work has been featured in the New York Times and the New York Post.

  • She loves befriending her clients and learning juicy, intimate details about their personal lives. She has no issues being confrontational when someone is resisting her creative vision.

  • Ariel knows how to turn on the charm to please prickly clients. She admits to being a chameleon when it comes to both her personality and versatile design sensibilities!

  • Ariel is fiercely competitive and cops to having a “healthy ego.” She knows she’s one of the best in the biz and says she’s “in it to win it.”