AGE: 38

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA



  • Nina is the founder of Haus, which is a full service boutique interior design firm in New York City and Los Angeles. Her signature look is using a mixture of modern, clean lines with natural and warm materials in her client’s spaces.

  • She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2003. Then six years after graduating, she worked for various design companies until she followed her dream and opened her own design firm in 2007.

  • She was born in Germany and grew up in New York City as a first generation American in her family. She has two small children and is married.

  • Nina isn’t just a designer; she’s the proud owner of Haus retail shop in Los Angeles, which is a beautiful showroom that features some of her favorite décor. She also produces the candle line, Green Haus candles, which is very successful nationwide. 

  • Last year, Nina wrote the book, Surf Shack, which is about surfers from around the world and their homes. She is currently writing her second book about private libraries around the world.

  • Nina is the ultimate risk taker when it comes to business – she didn’t have any idea how to open a retail store, create a scented candle, or make coffee table book but was able make each venture extremely successful.

  • She has a wide history of design projects she’s worked on. From modest starter homes to celebrity mansions. Currently, Nina is designing Elizabeth Bank’s home in Los Angeles.

  • Nina loves to win at everything she does- even if it’s a board game. No one ever wants to play with her due to her intense personality of always needing to win.