AGE: 32




  • Jae grew up in a creative family and was born in South Korea. She came to NYC at 14 years old to pursue her dream of becoming a professional opera singer, but soon after graduating college she realized this wasn’t the career for her.

  • She started working in fashion for brands such as Valentino and Missoni, which led to her following in her mother’s footsteps as an interior designer- it runs in her blood.

  • She is part of Homepolish, a design firm that represents the nation’s top interior designers. It helped get her name out and ultimately launch her own business, Jae Joo Designs.

  • Her aesthetic aims to mix and match traditional with contemporary pieces. Most of her work is in NYC and her specialty is full brownstone renovations. She’s also done industrial loft rehabs and beach homes.

  • Jae is loud, highly opinionated, and will not take on a client who doesn’t get her personality or style. She carefully considers potential new clients’ taste and personality before taking on their business.

  • Her clientele range from Wall Street professionals to NYC’s socialites and she’s used to getting wild requests. She was once asked to design a kitchen with a 12-foot shark tank.

  • She was featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Homepolish Magazine, and contributed to GOOP and Refinery29.

  • Thanks to Jae’s classical music background, she’s used to competing and going on auditions against hundreds of others. She believes this helped motivate her to become so successful, so quickly, and will allow her to stand out amongst the other designers.