Couples therapy

Occupation: Owner of luxury

car dealership & Mixologist/Bartender

Location: Northbrook, IL

relationship status: Dating

social media: instagram

& Shawn Soltani, 32


Nikki and Shawn are ready to get married – however, they aren’t sure if it should be to each other! They’ve gone through the motions of selecting a wedding venue, rings and colors, but both of them are hesitant to pull the trigger and say “I do.” Nikki is pleading Shawn to kick his 35-year-old brother out of their house and put her needs ahead of his family for once. Shawn makes great money and hates that Nikki insists on working late nights as a bartender. This stubborn duo refuses to make a change to appease one another. This back and forth power struggle has caused them to become stagnant in their relationship. They need to learn to relinquish control and come to a compromise so they can finally have their “happily ever after.”



  • Nikki and Shawn have been dating for a year and a half.

  • Despite having a tumultuous relationship, Nikki moved into Shawn’s sprawling lakefront home three months ago.

  • Since they are in their 30s, both are eager to settle down, get married, and start a family.

  • Their love and unbridled attraction for each other isn’t enough to get them to make a true commitment to each other.

  • Nikki feels her biological clock ticking and if Shawn doesn’t start putting her first she wants out of the relationship for good.

  • Shawn is building his auto empire and is embarrassed to have a girlfriend or wife who works a job that is “beneath him.”



  • Shawn comes from a large Persian family with traditional values. He believes the woman he chooses to be his wife should make the home and children a priority.

  • Shawn helps his parents financially and has let his older brother move into his home, leaving Nikki feeling like the second fiddle.

  • Nikki feels like Shawn’s brother is the third wheel in their relationship as he’s always around and will even go out on dates with them.

  • Shawn says his brother can stay with him as long as he’d like. He would never kick him out.

  • Nikki and Shawn are constantly getting asked when they’ll get married. The pressure is mounting and they know they need to come to a decision once and for all.


  • Nikki is obsessed with all the latest wellness trends.  She is constantly dragging Shawn to yoga and loves giving him face masks.

  • Nikki feels a couples retreat is 100% what they need in order to make this huge decision.



  • Nikki and Shawn will love to party with Briana and Lauren.

  • Katy will urge Nikki to not get married unless she is positive Shawn is “the one.”