The party girl

Occupation: waitress

Location: palm beach, fl

relationship status: single

social media: Instagram


Briana needs to stop masking her deep-rooted pain with drugs and alcohol. She must end her wild ways and be a stable and supportive mother for her young son, Malachi. Her problems stem all the way back to her childhood, and she must end the cycle of addiction and abuse that has plagued her family for generations.



  • Briana is a 24-year-old single mother who goes out and parties four times a week while leaving her six-year-old son Malachi with his nanny.

  • She spends hundreds of dollars a day on alcohol, weed and coke.

  • The need to go out and party takes precedence in her life above everything else and her expensive habits leave her strapped for cash, as she can’t always pay her bills or the nanny on time.

  • When she’s not out drinking, she makes sure to keep her fridge stocked with wine at home. She typically drinks an entire bottle a day.

  • Briana grew up in a dysfunctional household. Her stepdad was an alcoholic and she barely had a relationship with her neglectful mother.

  • Her mother would often abandon her to travel the world and have relationships with other men.

  • When Briana was 18-years-old she told her mother she was pregnant. Her mother told her she was done raising kids and kicked her out because she refused to have an abortion. Due to this Briana and her mother haven’t spoken in over two years.



  • Briana loves Malachi with all her heart, but she feels like she’s failing him as a parent.  If she’s not self-medicating with drugs and alcohol she is easily agitated and loses her patience with her son.

  • She wants to be a better parent and get her habits under control, but feels like she doesn’t know how to be a good mother because she doesn’t have an example of what that should look like.  

  • Briana fears the cycle of neglect is continuing and will hurt her relationship with her son the way her relationship is hurt with her mother. She wants to make a change before it’s too late.



  • Briana does meditation once a week and reads Buddhist novels. She also writes often about her thoughts and feelings and feels that is the greatest form of self-care known to man.



  • Briana will seek guidance from Beth – a reformed party girl, who is now sober.

  • Briana will befriend fellow party animals Ricky and Greg!