Grieving / Emotionally drained


Location: Atlanta, GA

relationship status: Single

social media: Instagram


Geoffrey is attempting to deal with the loss of his mother while battling with his stepfather over her estate. He is physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and is on the verge of reaching his breaking point. His relationship with his biological father is nonexistent and after experiencing the loss of his mom he would like to mend things with his father while he’s still alive. Geoffrey needs this retreat to disconnect from all the chaos happening in his life before he spirals out of control.



  • Geoffrey was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina and has always lived a very privileged lifestyle.

  • His dad worked in Textiles and his mom stayed at home. They owned exotic vehicles and vacationed around the world.

  • Geoffrey’s mom was his biggest supporter and best friend. They had a close relationship until she passed away in September of 2017 from stage four cancer.

  • After she passed, Geoffrey went on a cocaine binge for weeks to numb himself from the pain of her death.

  • Geoffrey and his sister Sara are going through an exhausting estate battle with their stepfather who is the executor of her estate. His mom left everything to them (Geoffrey and Sara) in her will, but his stepfather is stealing jewelry/goods and contesting the will in court.

  • The legal battle is incredibly taxing and preventing Geoffrey from being able to focus on the real issue at hand – no longer having his mom around.



  • Geoffrey has been single for the past four years because he spent that time caring for his mother while she was sick.

  • When Geoffrey came out as gay, his mom was the only one who truly accepted him for who he is.

  • Geoffrey’s father was emotionally abusive to him. He demanded constant perfection, and his tyrant like behavior drove a wedge between them. As a result, Geoffrey and his dad no longer have a relationship.



  • Geoffrey has a fun and outgoing personality, but will lash out when his buttons are pushed.

  • He admits to being “angry and unpredictable” at times.   

  • He’s spontaneous and an adrenaline junkie. He will travel at a moment’s notice and won’t hesitate to try something new.



  • Geoffrey understands the importance of self-care. He works out on a regular basis and also works with a spiritual medium to help keep his mind and body in line.

  • He also studied acupuncture in college!



  • Geoffrey will be chummy with Lauren, Christine, and Sandi!

  • Sandi and Geoffrey both recently lost a parent and can attempt to cope together.