Age: 26

Occupation: Dog Groomer

Location: Germantown, PA

Relationship Status: In a relationship


Rahanna Gray is the LOUD and proud owner of Stylish Pooch Mobile Grooming, specializing in pampering her furry clients. Business unfortunately the past year has taken a hit due to the fact that her mobile grooming truck is no longer mobile. Rahanna desperately wants to take her company to the next level, but is lacking in the confidence and know how to do so. She doesn't have a proper business website, she can't find any clothes to fit her 6'3' frame for networking events and she has no sense of what her next step should be.  She knows she can't continue to go on the way she is, and desperately needs the Fab Five's help in figuring out what her next move should be. 


Rahanna is at a crossroads. She took a giant leap of faith when she broke out on her own to start her business and now only three years in, she’s not ready to throw in the towel. Her once booming business has dwindled drastically over the past year (she even had to let go of her one employee because she couldn’t afford to keep her on) and times are tough. Rahanna knows this is make or break time and needs to get her life together in all aspects so her grooming business can flourish once more.


FASHION: Rahanna admittedly has no style what so ever. Her mom, sister, friends and her boyfriend all refer to her as “grandma” because she wears matronly clothes such as over-sized cardigans, “old lady pants” and old t-shirts. She also never leaves home with out her trusty mules.  At 6’3’ Rahanna says its very difficult for her to find clothes that fit her tall frame and opts for whatever is comfortable.  She knows she’s not making the best impression, but plays it off as “I’m a dog groomer, people expect me to dress down.”

GROOMING: Although Rahanna can groom a dog like nobody’s business, when it comes to her own grooming skills, she’s got much to learn.  Rahanna mostly wears her hair in braids, but will throw on a weave if she has to dress up a bit—although she never knows how to style it.  Further more when it comes to skincare--- Rahanna only uses soap and water on her face, which she knows, is not ideal. Rahanna does wear makeup but it’s very minimal. She’s always wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a full face of glam but the last time she tried that, she wound up looking like a clown.

DESIGN: Currently, Rahanna operates her business from a repurposed recreational vehicle transformed into a  doggie salon complete with a bathing area and grooming table.  The truck is old and falling apart and at this point is not mobile. It's in need of a lot of repair plus the space isn’t set up properly and feels claustrophobic at times.  It doesn’t help that Rahanna admits she’s a complete mess and there is fur and grooming supplies strewn all over the truck at any given time. Rahanna also has a hard time grooming bigger dogs because the worktable in the truck isn’t very large.  The truck is mostly held together with duct tape after years of wear and tear.

FOOD: Rahanna eats a lot of junk. Cake, cookies, anything sweet is her weakness. She’ll cook rice and broccoli sometimes, but more often than not is getting take out and her favorite is anything fried—especially seafood. She’ll have fried shrimp tacos a few times a week. When it comes to cooking for her boyfriend she admits she’s a disaster in the kitchen. Last week she tried to cook him a piece of chicken and when he bit into it, it was raw in the middle.

CULTURE: Rahanna cares so deeply about her business and has tons of plans for the future. She wants to expand her business, purchase another truck, create a doggie clothing line, dog treats, and have a brick and mortar salon– but she can’t do any of this until she can find a way to start turning more of a profit with what she already has. She needs major advice to help her streamline her goals and turn her business into a success once more.

EVENT:   The grand re-opening of her mobile salon.

Nominator: Jill Gray - Rahanna's Mom

  • Jill desperately wants to see her daughter succeed both in life and in business and hates seeing her struggle. With Rahanna’s dog grooming truck literally falling apart and Rahanna not presenting herself as the professional she truly is, Jill is afraid Rahanna is headed for a disaster. Jill is hoping the Fab Five can work their magic on her daughter help her out of the rut she’s found herself in.