Age: 56

Occupation: Above Wing Customer Service Agent

Location: Franklinville, NJ

Relationship Status: Married


Donna is celebrating her 10th year of Delta employment on November 16th! She spent her younger years being a busy mom to two girls and working part-time as a Travel Specialist for Amex. She calls this her "second life" career and she loves every minute of it. Donna oozes maternal energy and she works diligently to make sure even the more irate passengers are happy and content. After ten years of raising her girls and working part-time, Donna is finally transitioning to full-time employment. Donna is happily married to her hubby of 33 years, and remains close with her adult daughters - one of whom still lives at home. Donna is a classic example of a woman who puts everyone above herself - her husband, her daughters, her passengers, and her three doggos. 


Donna is stuck in a time warp and needs to learn how to take care of herself now that she will be working full-time. Ten years with Delta is the perfect milestone to give herself a reset! 


FASHION: Donna literally buys her clothes at Sam's Club - the big box store that sells toilet paper in bulk. For her clothing is function over fashion. She sees women her age wear "cute scarves" and trendy pants, but she doesn't think she can pull that off. She gravitates towards neutrals and avoids bright colors. 

GROOMING: Donna wears her long hair pulled back in a ponytail. She's had the same hairstyle for years because it's all she knows. Her make-up is super "plain jane" - foundation and neutral lipstick. 

DESIGN: Donna owns a 3 BR/ 2 BA single-family home in South Jersey. The house was built 33 years ago and it shows. Her family room has blue tiled floors and blue carpeting. She hasn't bought new furniture or bed linens in years and it drives her daughters crazy! 

FOOD: Donna’s go-to meal is frozen meatloaf from Sam’s Club. She hates the taste of water and uses tons of artificial sweeteners to spruce up her beverages. She wants to learn how to prepare healthy meals because her entire family struggles with their weight.

CULTURE: Donna is a great example of a woman who took the time to raise kids and now wants to get fully back in the workforce. It’s going to be a huge adjustment and she’s nervous to be away from her (grown) daughters all week. She needs to learn it’s time to loosen the chains, and pay attention to Donna.

EVENT: Donna is receiving her 10-year-anniversary pin and certificate on November 16th!

Nominators: Katie & Allison (Donna’s Daughters)

  • Katie and Allison have watched their mom make huge sacrifices in her career to be there for them. They want her to accept that they are grown adults who no longer need their mom there every moment of the day! It’s Donna’s time to shine!