Age: 26

Occupation: Lead Supply Attendant

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Relationship Status: In a Relationship


Holmes has been a Delta employee for the past eight years. Since he joined the staff he has been promoted FOUR times due to his stellar performance and unflappable attitude. In his current role he manages a team of two supply attendants. Holmes works directly with the airplane mechanics by providing them with specific parts as needed. He is constantly on his feet running back and forth between the tarmac and the warehouse - snow, rain, or shine! Holmes is originally from Brooklyn, NY. He was raised by his maternal Grandparents and has distant relationships with his mom and dad. Last month, his Grandma passed away. Holmes has been visiting New York every weekend to check in on his heartbroken Grandpa. His mom has tried to reconnect with him during this tragic time, but he has a hard time building a relationship with her. His Dad has a "new family" in Oregon, and Holmes feels like he was abandoned in a sense. Holmes is trying to focus on work and his next career advancement. He is also juggling a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend of 8 years, Rose. He planned to propose to her this past summer, but decided to hold until he is more financially stable. While working full-time at Delta, Holmes also graduated college with a degree in IT. He currently has over $40,000 in student loan debt, and feels crippled by it.


With the recent loss of his Grandma, Holmes is starting to realize life is fleeting. He wants to continue advancing with Delta, and he wants to get to a place where he can make things official with Rose. 


FASHION: 70% of the clothes in Holmes closet are "work gear." He says he has "1000 pairs of socks and one pair of jeans." He is clueless when it comes to trends and style and he stores his clothes in plastic bins. 

GROOMING: Holmes has an "old school" haircut called a "blow out." His hair is curly and has a tendency to get quite unruly. His struggles with blackheads and doesn't have a set skincare routine. His girlfriend recently had him try a charcoal mask and it piqued his interest into all things skincare - he would love to learn more! His hands and nails are dirty/dry due to touching plane parts all day. 

DESIGN: Holmes lives with four roommates in North Philly. He says the house is a "stepping stone". It's very old and bare bones. He has yet to decorate his bedroom even though he's lived there for 1.5 years. He would love to make the space more comfortable for when his girlfriend comes to visit. He eats his meals at a small fold-out table in his bedroom.

FOOD: Holmes learned to be self-sufficient at a young age. He knows how to prep basic meals - ex. rice, chicken, beans. He says everything he makes is bland and basic. He would love to step up his game in the kitchen! 

CULTURE: Like so many of his peers, Holmes is struggling with a massive amount of student loan debt. He wants to get ahead, but feels held back by his high amount of debt. After the recent passing of his Grandma, he has realized how fleeting life is. He wants nothing more than to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Rose, but he feels it’s unfair to have her marry into his financial hardship.

EVENT: Holmes wants to meet with Judy to ask about promotions at Delta.  

ALT: Proposal to Rose?

Nominator: Judy McMurtry (Boss)

  • Judy sees a great deal of potential in Holmes. She wants him to continue to rise within the Delta family, but she sees him lacking the confidence required to be a leader.