Age: Chuck- 61 Roger- 71

Location: South Philadelphia, PA

Relationship Status: Married


Chuck and Roger are an adorable gay couple who have only begun to explore their sexuality in their golden years of life.  Both men were previously married to women and each have 2 adult children. Roger’s children are Max, age 33, and Sam, age 29. Chuck’s daughters are Melanie, age 29, and Amanda, age 27. They just celebrated their first year of marriage on April 8th! They both came out later in life, are extremely social, and active in the gay community with no signs of slowing down. However, since they have only been married for a short time, they are still merging their lives as married people. They are quirky duo with biting senses of humor and endless witty banter.


Roger's son Sam is expecting a child this summer and this would make them first time grandparents! They need their home to better reflect their love and marriage, and better accommodate their growing family. 



Both guys play it pretty safe and boring when it comes to their clothing. Chuck has been accused of not even dressing gay! The clothes are in various piles and in different rooms and closets-even though the home has PLENTY of room. Chuck's closet is so full he can't even go in it! Chuck keeps a pile of his clean clothes in the dining room, next to the laundry. 


Basic is the best word to describe it. They just use soap, toothpaste and whatever is in the shower. Not much pampering goes on in this department.


Roger bought their row house 20-something years ago when he was getting a divorce. He wanted a home with enough rooms for his 2 sons.  The house is an absolute mess from years of being lived in. There are piles of clutter everywhere! Roger inherited a ton of family artifacts (lamps, pictures, stuff he's not even totally sure about) while there's little of Chuck. The home is not reflective of them as a couple. Both men are so kind hearted that they let people leave their things at their home-which results in a dumpling ground of STUFF!


The guys love to eat out and coordinate some of their lunches with public transit, where Roger can scoot in with his wheelchair. When they eat at home, Chuck is the chef. The kitchen is loaded with frozen foods, carbs galore, and many pantry items (basically things in boxes...). Roger has gained weight after recently quitting smoking. Both could use better planning!


ROGER: Roger is Jewish, and has the full support and blessing of this ex- wife and sons as a gay man. Roger's sons actually walked him down the aisle at the synagogue!
CHUCK: Prior to meeting Roger, Chuck was a Christian pastor for about 26 years. He lived across the river in Delaware and moved to Philly where he and Roger fell in love.
The men attend each other's places of worship and were even married at Roger's synagogue with Chuck's pastor in attendance!  Roger has Cerebral Palsy and while he uses a wheelchair he can walk. He and Chuck take public transit around town and make the rounds! They are  involved with a group called 'The Wrap' that talks about aging as gay men at the William May LGBT Community Center. According to Chuck, "Gay men don't want to talk aging but at some point you stop going to the bars..."

Nominator:  Rabbi Eli Freedman from Congregation Rodeph Shalom

  • Rabbi Friedman officiated Chuck and Roger's wedding. He is blown away by their genuine love and respect for each other. As they enter this exciting new chapter of life, he wants them to learn to be the best versions of themselves!