Schroeder, 46


The burnt out ceo

Occupation: CEO, 

Sandi schroeder Lashes

Location: los angeles, CA

relationship status: single

social media: Instagram


At 46, Sandi, a beautiful successful Beverly Hills entrepreneur, finds herself desperate, lonely, and lacking purpose. Her career no longer validates her and even her dalliances with younger man have ceased providing satisfaction. Sandi wants more from life and needs to rediscover her purpose. 



  • Sandi was one of the very first people to do eyelash extensions in Los Angeles.  She started her business out of her cramped Hollywood apartment twelve years ago and quickly established herself as the go-to lash artist for many celebrities including Juliette Lewis and Kristin Chenoweth.

  • After being busted by the cops for running an illegitimate business out of her home, Sandi got her ducks in a row and opened a pop-up studio inside the chic Tracey Ross boutique. Presently, she operates her own studio on Beverly Boulevard.

  • Sandi has been obsessed with beauty and the arts since an early age. She claims her childhood stick-figure drawings all have long, luscious lashes!

  • In addition to her artistic talents, Sandi is an extremely savvy businesswoman. She recently developed her own patent for lash extensions and plans to sell them on a national level.



  • As Sandi enters her mid-40’s, she is having a midlife crisis. She is terrified that she has missed her chance at love and family. She questions if she will ever get married or become a mother.

  • Sandi’s midlife crisis was triggered by the sudden loss of her best friend and number one confidant, her father. His passing has left her reflecting on how short and precious life is.

  • Although Sandi’s business is booming, she is left wondering if she needs to leave it behind and try something new.  Her passion for the art has diminished, and it’s all about dollars and cents now.

  • Sandi has dabbled with dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder, but she is not attracted to the “old” men in their 50’s who are interested in her.  Her dream scenario would be to find a hot, successful, passionate man in his 30’s!



  • Since her business took off, it has been Sandi’s sole focus in life. She typically works seven days a week, and frequently misses family events and social gatherings.

  • Sandi is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. She is never not working!

  • Sandi bends over backwards for her A-list clientele, and is even on-call for “lash emergencies.”



  • Being a beauty industry pioneer, Sandi loves all things self-care. She even has an infrared sauna in her house! She says she will try anything once, and will do anything to stay looking young and sexy.



  • Sandi and Amanda will be fast friends and bond over being fabulous 40-somethings who both happen to be at a complete crossroads.

  • Sandi’s cougar-paws will be all over Crosby and Greg!