Age: 34

Occupation: Nurse

Location: Kansas City, MO

Relationship Status: Engaged


Robert has been a psychiatric nurse for the past four years. He is completely dedicated to his job and goes above and beyond for all of his patients. Prior to his nursing career, Robert served in the army for five years. Robert lives with his beautiful fiancé Jamie, her daughter Audrey (7), and their two children, Nova (2 1/2) and Cosmo (7 months). Robert and Jamie got engaged six months ago but have yet to set a date for their wedding. Jamie blames the lack of planning on their hectic lifestyle, but Robert is concerned that Jamie is having cold feet.



FASHION: Robert's favorite thing to wear are his hospital scrubs. When he's not in his work attire, he can be found wearing ratty t‐shirts that are nearly twenty years old and his coveted camouflage jorts. When Rob has to dress up he wears the "dead man's suit" - a cheap suit that he got an estate sale after the owner of the home  died.


GROOMING: Robert's hair reaches his butt and sometimes tickles him when he walks. He hasn't had a cut in over four years and does not trust hairdressers. When he was in the military his hair had to be buzzed short, and he enjoys the freedom of no longer having to maintain it. He does not believe in shampoo and uses only conditioner and water to wash his hair.


DESIGN: Rob and his wife live in a three-­bedroom house and have given each child their own bedroom. Without a room left for them, Rob and Jamie started sleeping in the basement. Jamie’s clothes take up the entire closet, and Rob’s clothes are thrown on a couch because he claims there’s no space for a dresser. Lately, Jamie has started sleeping on the couch upstairs to be closer to the kids, leaving Rob downstairs by himself.


FOOD: He only knows how to cook in bulk. Being in the army and being a part of the Free Masons, he only ever cooks soups, stews, and curries that can feed a crowd. He doesn’t know how to whip something up for one person. Additionally, everything he makes is on the unhealthy side. He wants to learn how to make something that isn’t deep fried and greasy.


CULTURE: Rob is super into heavy metal music – and Jamie hates it! He would love to find an activity that they both could enjoy together. He wants to gain confidence and convince Jamie that the time to get married is NOW!


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: As married men, Bobby and Tan can help Robert and Jamie take their engagement to the next level and get down to wedding planning!


EVENT: QUEER EYE WEDDING! Rob and Jamie will have a small wedding for their family and friends after he wows her with his newfound persona and image.

Nominator: Jamie Poe, fiancé


  • Jamie is worried that Robert gives off the wrong impression. She thinks people take one look at him and all they can see is a “sloppy dad.” She is having doubts about going through with the marriage since he is not living up to his full potential. Her hope is that the Fab 5 can kick his butt into gear and give him the confidence to be the man she knows he truly is inside.