Age: 49

Occupation: Penitentiary Officer

Location: Amazonia, MO (1 hr. from KC)

Relationship Status: Married


During the week, Jody is a warden at Leavenworth State Penitentiary, and on the weekends, she’s a camo-wearin’, deer huntin’, tractor-drivin’ tom boy who lives with her husband, Chris, in the sticks of Missouri. Jody grew up the only girl with four brothers and now works in a male-dominated field with all-male inmates. To say Jody knows how to keep up with the boys is an understatement. What she doesn’t know, however, is how to express her feminine side. As she nears her 50th birthday, she wants to feel beautiful for once. With a trip to visit Chris’ extended family looming, she’s determined to show her husband (and his family) that she’s the confident woman he married!


FASHION: On the daily, Jody wears her warden uniform, a large black collared shirt and baggy cargo pants, which is purposely oversized so not to attract unwarranted attention from inmates. When she gets home from a long day, she either puts on her husband’s sweats or her favorite pair of pajamas she’s kept since high school! On the weekends, she wears camo, camo, and more camo. An avid hunter, she has camo t-shirts, camo sweatshirts, camo sweatpants, and even a camo blanket she cuddles with when it’s cold.

GROOMING: Jody has thick blonde hair down to her waist, which she hasn’t gotten professionally cut in 25 years. She usually throws it up in a bun for work and leaves it like that when she gets home. It’s too hot and thick to wear down in the summer, and she could never show her golden locks at work. Growing up, her mother kept her hair in a pixie cut, because it was so unmanageable. She vividly remembers being called “a boy” as a kid and keep it long; her secret “feminine weapon.” She normally wears little to no makeup except for mascara, because her eyelashes are so blonde. She says when she forgets to wear mascara, people always ask if she’s sick!

DESIGN: Jody and her husband, Chris, live on a small farm off the beaten path of KC, KS. Inside her home, there are four deer heads, two stuffed pheasants, and one boar head – all animals she and Chris have taken down over the years on their hunting trips. Outside, she has a chicken coop, two horses, and lots of dogs and cats running around. There is lots of exposed wood in their charming, but cluttered cabin-like farmhouse.

FOOD: Jody likes to cook all the meat from the animals they take on their hunting trips. On special occasions they hunt and prepare squirrel for the family. She forages for morel mushrooms on the weekends, and deep-fries them – her favorite snack! She’d love to take Antoni foraging and learn new healthier ways of cooking her favorite farm to table foods.

CULTURE: Hunting, fishing, and foraging are a few of Jody’s favorite pastimes. But she’s the fish out of water when it comes to getting dressed up, going to restaurants, and going on date nights with her husband. She’d love to feel more confident wearing a dress and hitting the town with her husband and wants help feeling more comfortable in feminine clothes!

FAB FIVE CONNECTION: When JVN uncovers Jody was a hairdresser in her former life, he’ll flip! (esp. taking into account the state of her hair). When the Fab Five get a look at Jody’s strapping husband, Chris – all bets are off! Who doesn’t love a super rugger, super polite (and super ripped!) Midwesterner?

EVENT: In late June, Jody and husband, Chris are going to Ohio for a huge family reunion to celebrate his grandmother’s 100th birthday. She hasn’t seen his extended family in over six years and is already feeling anxious about what to wear. With only camo in the closet, Jody needs help looking and feeling confident around Chris’ family.

ALT. Event: Date night at one of the fancy restaurants in KC has been on Jody and Chris’ list for years. Jody avoids going out to restaurants with her husband at all costs because a night out consists of six outfit changes and feeling down on herself the entire night out. She hasn’t really dressed up since she and Chris tied the knot 10 years ago. She wants to show Chris she’s still the woman he married, inside and out!

Nominator: Chris Castellucci, husband


  • Chris loves his wife with all his heart, but sees how much she struggles with feeling “pretty” and “feminine” at times. He wants her to feel the confidence she has toting a fishing rod when exploring her feminine side!