Age: 20

Occupation: IT Specialist

Location: Kansas City, MO

Relationship Status: Single


Sweet shy Thomas has never been kissed, let alone on a date with a girl. He spends his days and nights glued to the television playing video games and avoiding the outside world. He admits he doesn't want to "die alone,” but he is far too timid and nervous to put himself out there. He lives with his stylish and fun sister Krissy. According to Krissy, Thomas became a hermit after the death of their mother ten years ago. Thomas is turning 21 in July, and Krissy would love for him to enter this exciting new chapter of his life with a major boost of confidence.



FASHION: Thomas wears a drab uniform of old jeans and button down shirts every single day. He doesn't know what people his age wear and is overwhelmed by the thought of going shopping. He is a very analytical person and considers himself to lack creativity. 

GROOMING: Thomas has a little Afro that he combs out with a pick. He admits his hair doesn’t look great, but he doesn’t know what else he can do with it so he just leaves it. He is unsuccessfully trying to grow a beard but just has patches of baby fuzz on his face.


DESIGN: Following a similar pattern of uncertainty, Thomas doesn’t know how to decorate so he has left his room bare. He lives with his artsy sister and she has left her mark on the living room, but his bedroom remains empty and depressing. He hung one crooked shelf on the wall and uses it to display his stuffed animal collection.


FOOD: Thomas doesn’t know how to cook and has never really thought about learning. He survives on frozen tater tots and Sweet Ray’s BBQ sauce (at present he has five bottles of it in his fridge). He has a complete aversion to vegetables and simply will not eat them.


CULTURE: Thomas will spend his days playing video games for up to 10 hours straight. He is open to learning about other forms of culture, but is a bit out of touch. He describes himself as an old soul in a young person’s body. Although he has had plenty of crushes, he has never had the courage to approach a girl.


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: A lot of our guys know what it’s like to have a hard time fitting in. They can share stories of their early adulthood to help Thomas feel more at ease with who he is.


EVENT: 21st BIRTHDAY PARTY: Thomas is turning 21 this summer! He would love to have a huge bash and show off his new look to his friends and family, and maybe, even just maybe, a girl…

NOMINATOR: Krissy Diggs, Sister


  • Krissy is the closest thing Thomas has to a mom. She admires his kind and gentle soul but wants to see him take risks and learn to love!