Tech Addict

Occupation: social media influencer

Location: York, PA

relationship status: in a relationship

social media: instagram


Lycette’s life revolves around “likes” and commenters. Her addiction to her phone has harmed her relationship with her family and boyfriends past, and she is afraid of pushing everyone away if she doesn’t learn how to restrict her usage. She is so ashamed of her addiction that she’ll often sneak away from people to refresh her instagram feed or FB stalk her frenemies.



  • Lycette is a social media influencer with a popular lifestyle vlog on YouTube. She has nearly 300,000 subscribers.

  • In addition to her YouTube, she also maintains an active Instagram account.

  • She is constantly posting everything from her outfits to what she had for breakfast.

  • When Lycette “slacks off” on her pages, her followers take notice and get upset!

  • Lycette feels pressured to give the “fans” what they want and consistently provide content for them.

  • Once she posts, she immediately begins refreshing her page to see the ‘likes’ pour in. If a post doesn’t get a significant amount of likes she is extremely irritated and angry.

  • Lycette obsessively tracks the ‘engagement’ level of her posts. It infuriates her if she sees thousands of people have viewed her post, but only hundreds of people have liked it.

  • Throughout her life Lycette has had people tell her she’s fat, ugly, and needs a nose job. Validation from strangers on the Internet is the only thing that makes her feel worthy.



  • Lycette was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Her father is a successful businessman, who has recently come into hard times.

  • Lycette’s brothers have stepped up to help her father with the mortgage, and have guilted Lycette for not being able to contribute. They make fun of her “job” and say she is living in an alternate reality.

  • Lycette is desperate to earn her family’s respect by proving them wrong about her career choices.



  • Lycette met her current boyfriend at a bar four months ago. She fell so head over heels for him that she moved across the country to live with him and his FIVE children!

  • Lycette is now playing the role of “Step-Mommy” while daydreaming about having kids of her own.

  • Her last relationship ended due to her cell phone addiction and she is already seeing signs of that happening again.

  • She needs to be present for these kids and her new man, but doesn’t know how.



  • Lycette spends a lot of time and money taking care of her outward appearance. She’s ready to apply that same effort towards her inner self.



  • Lycette will be super attracted to Lewis.