Age: 32

Occupation: Radio DJ

Location: Kansas City, MO

Relationship Status: Single


For  the past  two years, KC native Brian has been the co-­host on the Morning Grind with Shay & Shyne, a top-­rated hip-hop morning show on Hot 103 Jamz. Despite having many fans  hat would love to date him, Brian is very single. He would love to settle down and have a family someday, but he knows he needs to overcome his insecurities first. Through his job, Brian attends events with local politicians and celebrities but never knows what to wear. Brian is stuck in his comfort zone and sticks to what he knows: he hates trying new food, new fashion, and even watching new TV shows. His favorite hobby is re-­watching sports games from over 20 years ago. He schedules his life around sporting events, and last year he ended his birthday party early so he could go home and watch a (recorded) pre-­season game of his team. Brian has been working on losing weight (45 lbs. down and counting!). He hasn’t been public about his weight loss journey with his listeners which will leave everyone shocked when they see him at their big radio station party this Labor Day.


FASHION: Brian wears Chiefs or Royals team apparel that he's had since high school. He needs other options since he hosts upscale events for the radio station but shows up in wrinkled t­‐shirts and red or blue shoes depending on the sports team that's in season. He has three pairs of identical khaki shorts that he rotates, but people think he wears the same pair everyday.


GROOMING: Brian is insecure about his receding hairline so he wears a baseball cap, every day. He loves collecting colognes, but his nominator Shay says he smells like he's wearing half a bottle at a time.


DESIGN: In 2014, Brian inherited his grandmother's home, which still has all of her furnishings from the 1990s. The one thing Brian bought is a very large television, which takes up his entire living room and blocks a charming fireplace. He has no idea how to toss the dated furnishings and make the space feel more "Brian."


FOOD: Brian is an extremely picky eater. He LOVES cheese dip, BBQ, and wings. Local restaurant, Wings N' Things even named their chicken wing meal, Shine N' Basket, after him! He hates all breakfast foods,especially pancakes and eggs.


CULTURE: Brian loves re-­watching old Chiefs games that he's previously recorded. He also loves pop culture, Michael Jackson, and making fart jokes.

FAB FIVE CONNECTION: Karamo can give Brian the confidence he needs to approach his love interest, Angel. Tan will have a blast finding the perfect all white outfit for Brian’s Labor Day extravaganza!

EVENT: This Labor Day, the radio station will be hosting their  annual white party. They do this event every year and Brian has never worn a fully white ensemble! This event will be the perfect opportunity to show off his weight loss to his listeners, staff and Kansas City.

Nominator: Shay Moore, co-host/best friend


  • Shay is Brian's partner‐in‐crime. They have a great chemistry as they star on the same radio show every morning together. Shay thinks Brian needs to get his act together before he can settle down with a woman. He has a great job, but needs to look and act the part of being a responsible man. She's so proud of the weight he's been losing and can't wait to see his total transformation!