Age: 66

 Location: Canyon Lake, TX 

Relationship Status: Single


Todd, known by friends and family as "Toddles", is the boisterous owner/operator of Plooky's Cajun Boiling Pot - a once legendary destination for authentic East Texan seafood. After Todd's wife, Jodie,  suddenly passed away nine-years-ago, Plooky's has struggled to stay afloat. He still has his regulars, but business has slowed down in a big way. Todd has reduced his hours of operation to two days a week, but he is still overwhelmed by the upkeep of the restaurant. He promised Jodie he would keep it going as long as he could, and he fears he is letting her down. 


This year Plooky's is celebrating it's 20th anniversary! It's the perfect time to dust the cobwebs away and ignite new life into this Canyon Lake staple. Todd knows this could be Plooky's last year if he doesn't take a risk and make a change. He wants to pass Plooky's down to his daughter and grandkids, but at this rate he may have to close down before that happens.  


FASHION: Toddles has rocked the same look every day since 1999. He says he's a "surfer stuck in the middle of Texas." He wears a uniform of "slaps" - his name for his flip-flops, a wrinkled Hawaiian shirt, and baggy jeans. He hasn't been clothes shopping in over ten years! 

GROOMING: Todd's hair is styled in a "skullet" - it's extremely long in the back and shaved on the sides. ​He used to keep it tidy and trimmed, but he hasn't cut it since Jodie's passing. His beard and sideburns are completely white, while the skullet remains dark brown!

DESIGN:  Plooky's hasn't been updated since it opened in the 1990s. What once was divey and charming now looks depressing and dirty. The chairs are uncomfortable, the decor covered in dust, and the floors scuffed. Todd's wife used to do all the cleaning and maintenance and he says he doesn't have her magic touch. 

FOOD: Todd makes a mean seafood boil, but his culinary skills start and end there. Plooky's menu has gone unchanged since it opened, but Todd would love to update it. He eats red meat every single day and has an aversion to veggies and greens. 

CULTURE: Todd is ​stuck in the past. He is still mourning his wife and needs to honor her memory while looking ahead. 

EVENT:  Plooky's 20th Anniversary Celebration

Nominator: Kaci Maddox, Todd's Daughter

  • Kaci and her dad have always been best friends. She hates seeing how Plooky's has fallen to the wayside since her mom passed away. Kaci hopes her dad can get his "mojo" back and transform Plooky's into the magical, charming place she remembers from her childhood.