Age: 30

 Location: Austin, TX 

Relationship Status: Single


Max Pozderac is a trivia host and a veteran employee of Vulcan Video- one of the last standing VHS-rental shops in the United States. Max is a passionate movie buff. He is constantly quoting films and researching movie trivia. 


 Max hasn't had a girlfriend since college, almost a decade ago. A self-described "over-thinker", he's even had a date accuse him of being robotic in the middle of a make-out session! While he understands the theory of dating, he hasn’t had enough practice to really know what he’s doing. Max’s parents are childhood sweethearts and he hopes to have a special relationship like that one day. About a year ago, he invited a crush to one of his trivia nights and she ghosted him. While he swore he’d never ask another girl to one of his events, he has a new crush who he’d love to invite to one of his spring trivia nights. He’s hoping with a little Fab 5 magic, he’ll have what it takes to get the girl in the end.


FASHION:  Max is 6’ 7” and struggles to find clothes that fit him appropriately. He wears a lot of layers in an attempt to hide his physique. For special events or his trivia nights, he’ll wear his dad’s old suits from the 70s and 80s. Max believes his signature look is a pencil behind his year, something he’s done since the 3rd grade.

GROOMING: Grooming may be Max’s biggest pain point. He struggles with what he refers to as “female patterned baldness”, and his go-to style is a slicked comb over.

DESIGN:  Max lives in an outdated home with his brother and his brother’s dog. They have a self-described media room that is chock full of rolled up movie posters, stacks upon stacks of DVD’s and dusty DVD players. The whole place feels like a college dorm- not a place for a man entering his thirties.

FOOD: Max eats like he’s still in college- peanut butter sandwiches, spaghetti and stove top boxes are his go-to. He’s hoping with a little cooking upgrade, he may have a new way to impress a lady.

CULTURE:  Max struggles with his own insecurities around women and has difficulty being present and in the moment. His constant overthinking and self-analyzing make it impossible for him to let anyone in. He needs a tutorial in what all women are attracted to- confidence and self-worth.

EVENT:  Ryan emcees Zeta Psi's annual recruitment event.

Nominator: Nick Pozderac, Max's Brother

  • Nick is Max's little brother and best friend. He knows Max deserves someone who's as special (and nerdy!) as him, he just needs some guidance and a little nudge in the right direction.