Age: 35

 Location: Pflugerville, TX 

Relationship Status: In a Relationship


Tiffany is the bubbly, enthusiastic owner/founder of Dobbin-Kauv Farm, a small scale urban farm that grows/sells fresh produce in Northeast Austin. Her mission is to bring food education and family agriculture back into the community. She's married mother of 4 and a proud Navy Veteran who was stationed in Iraq for seven months in 2004. When Tiffany returned home she developed some mild PTSD from her time overseas. Her local VA group gave her a pet Tortoise, Pappernacky, to keep as a support animal to help her cope. Her tortoise refused store-bought food, so Tiffany began growing her own food to keep him well-fed she found such a relief through farming and Dobbin-Kauv was born! 


Tiffany has big goals for the farm, but between juggling four kids and a husband, she hasn't made her passion her priority. She wants to take a baby step forward and host her first ever Spring Harvest event at the farm this season. She is terrified that no one will come, but knows it's time to give it a go.


FASHION: Tiffany's typical getup consists of a utility jacket, leggings, a hoodie and boots. She hasn't "dressed up" in over ten years, and feels unsexy for Rodney. She would love to learn how to rock "cute" attire both on and off the farm.  

GROOMING: Tiffany's hair is styled in dreads so she doesn't have to stress about styling her hair. The dreads are dry and poorly maintained. She's never worn makeup, and has zero skincare routine. Her pores are clogged with dirt, pollen, and dust from being knee-deep in soil all day long. 

DESIGN:  Tiffany lives in a two-story town home with Rodney and her kids. The upstairs is completely unused! The kids kept coming into her bedroom at night, so now the whole family camps out in the living room each evening. There is a ton of open space with potential, but Tiffany lacks the vision, time, and resources to furnish it. 

FOOD: Tiffany loves growing fresh produce at Dobbin-Kauv, but at home meals are usually hurried. The family is always on-the-go and she relies on pantry staples such as pasta and mac & cheese to feed her family. 

CULTURE: After returning home from the military, Tiffany suffered from mild PTSD. The farm has been a way for her to cope with her stress and anxiety. Her ancestors were notable Austin activists who pushed for change and equality within the black community. Tiffany feels pressure to honor their memory and create systemic change by way of the farm and providing low-income families with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

EVENT:  Tiffany throws her first ever Spring Harvest festival at the farm. 

Nominator: Rodney Zanders - Tiffany's Partner

  • Rodney and Tiffany have been a couple for the past ten years and they share three beautiful children. Rodney admires Tiffany's commitment  to making the farm a destination for their economically troubled community. He hates seeing her get down on herself, and he wants her to be beautiful, confident woman he knows she can be.