Location: ATLANTA, GA

relationship status: Single

social media: Facebook


Lewis needs to get over the past and learn to trust and love again! He’s been burned so many times by women, that he has come to think every woman is out to get him. His excessive partying and frivolous lifestyle is masking the real issue at hand.  It’s time for him to forgive, forget, and enter his 30s with an open heart and mind.  


  • Lewis was raised in a strict, conservative household with a police officer father.

  • He was raised to exemplify the perfect “Southern Gentleman” at all times.

  • Lewis is a fraternal twin and was constantly competing with his brother for his parents attention and affection. His brother is the brains, and despite his brawn, Lewis feels inferior.

  • Lewis is cocky when it comes to his sales job and will brag about his numbers and bonuses at the first chance he gets.

  • He talks a big talk, but Lewis just moved back home with his parents to save some money. He is incredibly embarrassed by this and hides it from people.



  • Lewis has been cheated on by every single girlfriend he has ever had. He believes women are always looking for the next best thing.

  • Loyalty is extremely important to him, and the moment his trust is betrayed you are dead to him.

  • Lewis has extremely high standards for the women he dates. She must be God fearing, family and career oriented, confident, trustworthy and not clingy as he’s a social butterfly and likes to be free to do his own thing.


  • Lewis is a Type-A perfectionist who loves to party, spend money and have a good time.

  • He has extravagant taste and doesn’t have a problem with dishing out the big bucks for the things he likes. He drives an Audi, has 45 pairs of tennis shoes and does VIP bottle service at the club every weekend.

  • He obsessively irons his shirts, gets regular pedicures, and visits the barber weekly.

  • Lewis admits he has a wall up and doesn’t let people get to know the “real” him. He is terrified of being judged or disliked. 



  • When Lewis turned 30 he started questioning his lifestyle choices. His friends are starting to settle down and build families, and he is going on weekend benders.

  • Lewis is reluctant to change his ways, but he heard retreats are filled with beautiful women who like to have a good time!



  • Lewis and Briana will have a love/hate dynamic.

  • Tabitha and Tiffany Speight will vie for his attention!