YounG, 31 & 30

Curtessa & Marvin

Couples therapy

Occupation: Marvin: realtor &

curtessa: investigator for child services

Location: Houston, tx

relationship status: married

social media: Marvin Facebook

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After five years of marriage, Curtessa and Marvin's relationship has deteriorated to the point that they live in separate homes. However, neither partner believes in divorce and both are desperate to rehabilitate the love they still feel they have for one another.



  • Marvin and Curtessa have been married for five years, but are currently living separately as their marriage is on the rocks.

  • They met in college in 2006 and it was love at first sight for Marvin. He would see Curtessa around campus and always compliment her on her beauty. Eventually he won her over and they were inseparable.


the turning point:

  • Six years later they decided to get married and things started to take a turn for the worse during their third year of marriage when they suffered a miscarriage.

  • Shortly after the miscarriage Curtessa found out that she only has a 10 percent chance of conceiving on her own and if they wanted to have children they would have to consider IVF.

  • Both Marvin and Curtessa were devastated by the news, as they desperately wanted to start a family.

  • Curtessa spiraled into a deep depression. She gained 50 pounds and felt insecure about her weight. Her insecurities caused other issues in the marriage as she no longer felt attractive due to the weight gain and because of that she stopped being affectionate or intimate with Marvin.

  • Wanting to help his wife feel more confident, he suggested they work out together and go to the gym, but this led to arguments between them as Marvin felt she wasn’t motivated to make the change.

  • With Marvin feeling neglected and frustrated in his marriage he ended up having an affair and a child was conceived with his mistress. However, she ended up suffering a miscarriage as well.



  • Marvin and Curtessa are living separately and trying to figure out their next move. Divorce is not an option due to their religious beliefs so they want to make it work. However, Curtessa is struggling with getting back on track due to her trust issues with Marvin as he still talks to the woman he had an affair with.

  • Marvin and Curtessa desperately want to work through their issues as it’s causing them both anxiety and stress. They’ve tried the traditional route of going to couple’s therapy to save their marriage and it didn’t work. They feel this retreat could be the answer to their prayers.



  • Curtessa is all about alternative therapy as she tries different holistic options in hopes of helping with her infertility issues. She’s also heavily into meditation and uses it to clear her mind and to help deal with the stress from having issues with her marriage. Marvin hasn’t tried any alternative therapy methods, but is open to giving it a shot. 



  • Marvin’s wandering eye will likely land on Briana causing Curtessa to continue to lose hope in their marriage.

  • Curtessa will be filled with rage at Briana’s neglect for her son. Since she is a CPS worker, she will probably think that Briana is unfit to be a parent and bemoan the unfairness of her own inability to get pregnant.