DiNero, 23


The man child

Occupation: dj &

aspiring music producer

Location: toms river, nj

relationship status: single

social media: Instagram


Greg lives at home with his parents and they take care every single thing he needs. He has never had a “real job”, and now that he is a father he needs to man up and provide for his son.  


  • Greg was born into a family of millionaire. His grandfather owned Funtown Pier in New Jersey and owns concrete plants around the country.

  • He ha led a privileged life and never had to want or work for anything.

  • Greg was groomed from birth to take over the family business, but had a strong desire to pursue a music career instead.

  • Not wanting to disappoint his family he enrolled in business school, but hated it and quit after one week to become a nightclub DJ.

  • When his father found out, he closed Greg’s Amex account and took his car and apartment away. Greg was forced to move into his parent’s basement. To make matters worse, his girlfriend told him she was pregnant and to get a “real job” or she would leave him.



  • Now Greg is having a hard time balancing fatherhood and his music career.  He works long hours and that causes him to not spend as much time with his four-year-old son, Mason.

  • His music career isn’t generating much income so he is unable to provide proper support to Mason.

  • Both the mother of his child and Greg’s father are fed up with him and want him to “grow up,” stop mooching off the family’s money and get a stable career for his son.

  • Greg is terrified of the future. He worries what will happen if he can’t get his career on track.

  • He wants to be able to pursue his dreams and live free from the doubt and guilt that his family has brought upon him.



  • Greg works as a radio DJ at for Jersey’s number one hit music station B 98.5

  • His music has been played on the radio and in some of the hottest night clubs in New York and New Jersey.



  • Greg is into fitness and eating healthy. He’s never done Yoga, but says it’s something he’s always been interested in doing. He once tried Binaural Beats headphones for meditation purposes and bugged out! He’s feels he may bug out initially the same way on the retreat, but will get used to it after a while.



  • Greg will love to party with Briana, flirt with Katy, and admire Amanda!