Hoboken, NJ

Jennifer Prado, 32

Jesse Klee, 35

  • When it comes to sweet treats, this husband-wife duo is bringing something new to the world of confections. At only 100 calories each, their handmade Brazilian-inspired bonbons are guilt-free and addictive!

  • Backstory - After endlessly searching for the perfect dessert, Jen and Jesse decided to take matters into their own hands. Jen grew up eating Brazilian style bonbons; they were a staple at every family event. She introduced Jesse to the dessert when she made him a batch to woo him. After he ate every last bonbon, they knew they had something they could sell to the masses. Jen and Jesse have been in business for three years. They both work full-time jobs and work for Pick-a-BonBon on nights and weekends. They sell the bonbons predominantly at festivals but they’re also getting their on-line presence up and running again after a hiatus due to family illness.

  • The Leap - Jesse and Jen hope to be featured on menus in several local restaurants and cafes within the next few months. The increase in business will hopefully make it so Jen can quit her job in early 2019.

  • Business Plan - The business had to take a break for a while due to Jen’s father developing cancer. but now they are back and ready to take their business to the next level. Jen plans on quitting her job within the next year so she can put all of her attention on reaching their goals of getting a brick-and-mortar location in Hoboken. They also plan on developing 3 new flavors, Co-hosting a BonBon and Wine pairing event, they are in talks with Midnight Market for exclusive events in Jersey City and NYC, and they want to nab a celebrity endorsement.

  • Struggles - Their biggest struggle is that they are a small batch business. They need to figure out how to make more than 12 bonbons at a time so they can start selling on a larger scale. They also need someone on the business full- time. Being part-time just isn’t enough time to make an impact on the market so they need to figure out a plan stat!

  • Stakes - The stakes are high for Jesse and Jen. They have dipped into their saving and will lose a lot if the business doesn’t take off. Jen really wants to leave her boring corporate job so she’s counting on making Pick-a-BonBon a success.

  • 3-Month Milestone - Jen and Jesse plan on getting their bonbons into the new Whole Foods that will be opening in Jersey City. The also plan to host an end of year pop-up event to celebrate their re-launch.