retreat leader

Occupation: Plant Medicine Healer,

Ayahuasca Practitioner, Sound Healer

Location: Corindi Beach,

New South Wales, AU

relationship status: Single

social media:



  • Chrissie is an “all around” medicine woman who practices ayahuasca dosing, Peruvian superfoods and cactus medicine, sound healing and therapy, and empathic communication.

  • While Chrissie had a great childhood in the affluent neighborhood of Sydney, the consumerist, materialistic, and racist culture she was surrounded by made her question her path in life.

  • She explored the raw food movement, yoga, and traveling around the world, but it wasn't until natural healing practices that she found her true calling. 

  • Chrissie has been practicing as a natural medicine woman now for 20 years.

  • Chrissie is the single mother of two children ages 7 and 9 who have accompanied her to Peru in the past.



  • In 2012, Chrissie traveled to the Sacred Valley of Peru for the first time, which changed her life forever. She now leads two-week retreats and pilgrimages 2-3 times there a year, exploring everything from various holy mountain grounds to ayahuasca.

  • When Chrissie isn't traveling or on her retreats, she runs sound healing sessions remotely in Australia.

  • She also makes music under the name Fire Mane.



  • She considers herself a fireball hence her nickname, and she treats her clients the same way as her children, with fierce love and protection.

  • Chrissie lives a very spiritually fulfilling life, but does struggle with her love life. She is fighting for sole custody of her children from her abusive ex husband who lives in France. She is currently single, but is waiting to be with the so-called love of her life--a married man. Chrissie’s instinct tells her that he is the one and that they will be together in the end, but she does battle her inner doubts.

  • Additionally, she has struggled in the past with people accusing her of co-opting other cultures and being a fraud.

  • Chrissie's goal with her upcoming retreat is to become a better medicine healer and a more authentic human being. However, Chrissie is never really sure of what she wants out of each new retreat until she gets there, so she is open to whatever the experience brings her.


Relevant work EXPERIENCE:

  • Retreat leader of 10-14 day retreats and pilgrimages in the Sacred Valley of Peru 2-3 times a year since 2012, exploring Wachuma cactus medicine, ayahuasca ceremonies, and visiting sacred mountain grounds and Incan ceremonial sites

  • Continuous training for 6 years in Peruvian cosmology under Q’eros shamans including Kucho, the shaman of Machupicchu

  • Indigenous medicine apprenticeship under master herbalist Mama Ruth

  • Trained for 3-4 years in the Human Potentials healing organization where she learned empathic communication

  • Trained under the shaman of Machupicchu and the master herbalist that runs with the lineage of the 'chullu chana' medicine path, this is the Andean sweat lodge ceremony. She also holds a close connection with the Q'eros tribe, the last descendents of the Inca.



  • Chrissie and Crosby’s opposing leadership styles could cause major friction at first, but could blossom into a thriving partnership.