AGE: 37 & 37

LOCATION: 23612 Canozte Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

BUDGET: $5-10K


  • Diana and Karen are looking to completely revamp their home, starting with the living room. It’s the center of their home, and a place they want to be able to enjoy with their children and entertain friends and family. Right now the room has a lot of empty space- they have an outdated black leather couch that sits in the middle of the room and a TV with a stand and a shelf. The rest of the room is used as a play area for their children, and their toys are scattered throughout.

  • They hate the layout of the room and are clueless as to what to do with it- they’re hoping the designers will be able to make a space that’s modern, safe for their kids, and a place they can host guests. They think the biggest challenges for the designers will be the rock-walled fireplace (they’d love to hang the TV there), changing the white carpet, getting rid of the textured white walls, and creating unique storage for all of their children’s toys.



  • In their previous home, Diana and Karen had a very difficult time agreeing on anything design related, and so their home was never properly put together. Now that they are living in a different house, they need to come to an understanding to make their home feel complete.

  • They have been together for six years, married for four, and have two small children. Several times a month they host gatherings with their loved ones and they’re embarrassed because they don’t have a proper space to host. With an updated living room, they’ll finally have a home that they’re proud of and they hope this facelift will motivate them to give the rest of the house an upgrade.