AGE: 25 & 30

LOCATION: 8493 Bullhead Court, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739



  • Alan and Pamela have designed their entire house – except the living room, which is the center point of their home. It’s boring, colorless, and the absolute bare minimum. The room has a very large wall, which they don’t have a clue to do with, a couch that is awkwardly large for the size of the room, and no décor to liven it up. They’ve lived in their home for over a year and it still looks like they just moved in.

  • They struggle with figuring out what type of décor they would want to commit to and stare at everyday. Pamela thinks the room is too closed off, but doesn’t know how to make it feel more inviting. They have a mantel above their fireplace and don’t know how to make it look nice without looking overly cluttered.



  • Pamela is known for her acting, modeling, and singing career on social media and has over four million followers. She’s marrying Alan, who moved from Indiana to be with her and they’re getting married next year!

  • They have a very busy year ahead of them with all the wedding festivities leading up to their big day. They will be hosting their out-of-town guests for Pamela’s bachelorette party and bridal shower. It’s imperative the living room is styled perfectly as they celebrate the future Mr. & Mrs. Miller.