AGE: 32 & 32

LOCATION: 4757 Don Miguel Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90008



  • Dan and Suzy became homeowners for the first time a month ago; they purchased their home in the stunning Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles. Their home has an open floor plan, which has left them clueless on what to do with their dining room area. They want a great entertaining area that is also safe for their baby to be in.

  • Their dining area consists of an outdated table and chairs, random piece of wall art, and a broken cabinet. Nothing meshes well together – the fireplace is outdated and they don’t have any solutions on how to change that. They need an environment that’s safe for their baby - but still looks sophisticated for their friends and family to come over and enjoy.



  • Suzy and Dan are absolutely hilarious and share the same witty personality however - they can’t agree on anything! When it comes to decorating their dining room, it’s overwhelming and unrealistic for them to find a compromise. Previously when they were living in their apartment, it took them two years to decide on placemats!

  • Both of their families live out-of-state and this Thanksgiving they will be hosting their families at their house for the very first time. They have never hosted Thanksgiving before and they want to make sure it will be a success.

  • They want to create a nice and consistent place to have family dinners with their son, Ben. Since they both work a lot, their dining room is where to want to spend all of their quality family time together. It has to be baby-proofed while still having an inviting and fashionable feel.