Age: 43

Occupation: Gym Trainer

Location: West Philadelphia

Relationship Status: Single


Nate is a personal trainer at his gym Body Rock Fitness. He lives in a makeshift apartment above his gym. His dream is to make fitness more accessible to everyone (not just the wealthy), so he opened a gym in West Philadelphia. He is all about giving back to the community and opens his doors to everyone. When kids from the neighborhood walk by after school, he calls them in to train just so they have something to do instead of being out on the streets. He is always happy and smiling, but he never thinks of putting effort into himself. Nate has put his personal relationships on hold because he knows he needs to figure himself out before he can let someone else in!


Nate moved into this space 12 years ago and the neighborhood has changed in a MAJOR way. Coffee shops and yoga studios are popping up and it's important that the gym remains a place where people who can't afford $6 lattes and $250/month gym memberships have a place to exercise. He has sacrificed his personal relationships for the gym, and now its time he ups the space AND his own look. He has big plans to give back to the community through fitness, but his gym is falling apart and he doesn’t have the confidence or the right look to make it a huge success.


FASHION: Nate wears the same dirty gym clothes every day! His signature look is worn-out black t-shirts, ripped shorts, and sandals with socks. He is intrigued by fashion and trends, but has no idea how to shop for himself or how to execute a look. He is in tip-top shape, but never dresses to impress. He's afraid of looking like a "square," so he avoids button-up shirts.

GROOMING: Nate's dad was a barber so he started cutting his own hair at a young age. He admits that he neglects it, and he doesn't maintain his long dreads. He recently suffered a bout of ringworm and lost patches of his hair. He covers it up with a black bandana. His skin is always super dry, and he uses AJAX dish soap as body wash.

DESIGN: Nate lives in a 700sq foot apartment above the gym. He has big visions for fixing it up, but no clue how to make it happen. The space only has one bathroom, so his personal bathroom also functions as the bathroom for customers.

FOOD: Nate is conscious of what he puts into his body, but his home isn't equipped to cook proper meals. He eats plenty of take-out, and would love to learn how to make some simple and healthy dishes at home.

CULTURE: Nate says he's pulled himself out of the dating scene so he can work on himself. He's been single for the past year, but has yet to make any major changes in his life.

EVENT:  The Re-Opening of Nate!

Nominators: Lauren & Aileen (his clients)

  • Lauren and Aileen have been working out with Nate for over ten years. They started with him when he trained on the "main line," Philly's most upscale neighborhoods, and followed him to West Philly when he set up shop there. These ladies could easily afford the most polished trainer at Equinox, but they say NO ONE gets them in shape like Nate. They desperately want his exterior to match the fierce, strong, lovable trainer that they know and love.