Age: 57

Location: Dripping Springs, TX 

Relationship Status: Single 


Terri White is the two-step instructor at the iconic Austin honky-tonk, The Broken Spoke. For Terri, the Broken Spoke is more to her than just a job, it is her family's business that they've maintained since the 1950's and a place she's called home since she was a little girl. She's a brassy, sassy, larger-than-life character and people come from all over the world to experience the "Terri White two-step dance class". 


Terri's identity is completely entangled with all things Broken Spoke. People often can't separate her from the bar, and she has fully leaned into that, daisy dukes and all. Her adult daughters want her to evolve into the sophisticated, strong, mature Grandmother they know she can be. This spring, her teenage grandson will be moving into her home and she needs to be the best version of herself for him. 


FASHION: Terri says her style is  "Yipee-Hippy!". She has over 50 pairs of cowboy boots and even more daisy-dukes. She has an amazing body, but her revealing honky-tonk outfits only makes sense at The Broken Spoke. Terri admits her fashion sense is very "80s" and she wants to update her look!  

GROOMING:  Terri used to rock a short cropped 'do, but grew her hair long to draw people's eyes away from her wrinkles and fine lines. She needs help learning how to take care of aging, sun-damaged skin. Her make-up is dramatic, thick raccoon eyeliner, caked-on bronzer, and sticky lip gloss. 

DESIGN: Terri lives on her family's sprawling ranch in Dripping Springs. They have cows, a horse (Terri's pride and joy) and 5 dogs. Terri designed her home, however, the interior (like Terri) is all over the place. She is the queen of unfinished projects- she has half-painted walls, half-sanded baseboards, and fixtures laying around waiting to be mounted. Her home is incredibly cluttered and filled with collections of porcelain dolls, vintage glassware, and various knick-knacks. 

FOOD:  Terri rarely eats and when she does it's junky "kid" food. Her fridge is mostly empty with the exception of some string cheese and cans of whipped cream. She chugs pepsi throughout the day and rarely drinks water. 

CULTURE:  Terri grew up in a traditional household where she was raised with tons of pressure to be the perfect Texan daughter. Her mother placed a high emphasis on looks, and Terri still deeply craves approval from her parents. She has tried to break the cycle with her own daughters, but struggles with the fact that they are overweight. 

EVENT:  Terri's Grandson's School Recital

Nominators: Mollee and Ashley (Terri's Daughters )

  • Mollee and Ashley love their mom, but they have had their fair share of clashes over the years. They want to see her evolve into a more sophisticated version of herself.