Age: 37

Occupation: DJ

Location: Point Pleasant, NJ

Relationship Status: Single


Ryan is your typical "Jersey Shore" bro who is stuck in his early/mid 2000s "guido" ways. He was born and raised in the Point Pleasant area and is from a tight knit "Shore Family." He works as a DJ at some of the popular NJ hot spots like Jenks at the Point Pleasant Boardwalk and Harrah's Pool Party in Atlantic City. Ryan LOVES soaking up the spotlight when he's DJing, but when he's offstage his swag disappears. He struggles with how to win over the ladies, but he is ready for a serious relationship. His Italian mother desperately wants him to find someone to settle down with! He currently lives in a house with two other roommates/friends who also work in the Jersey Shore nightlife scene. Despite giving off the stereotypical Guido appearance, Ryan cares deeply about his town, his community, and most importantly his family. 


This is Ryan's seventeenth summer DJing and Emceeing at the Shore. He loves the rush he gets from the job, but he's very over the long drunken nights and "drama" that come along with it. Ryan can't help but compare himself to his three married brothers who have started new chapters as husbands and fathers. The desire to make a change has been burning inside him for a long time, but now that he JUST passed his real estate exam (after failing previous attempts) he finally feels motivated to make a huge shift in his life.


FASHION: Ryan dresses like a typical "guido" from the early 2000s . He lives in cargo sweatpants, ripped jeans, and tank tops with "funny" sayings on them. He realizes he isn't 21-years-old anymore and his style hasn't evolved one bit. He loves "man jewelry" and usually wears several chain bracelets and necklaces. 

GROOMING: Ryan dyes his bushy beard a deep jet black color.  He always wear a hat to cover his hair because he is self-conscious about his balding. Despite knowing it's bad for him, he goes to the tanning salon at least three times a week. He recently quit smoking, but replaced it with vaping! 

DESIGN: Ryan owns a spacious house on the shore, but he rents out two of the bedrooms to friends. He hopes that one day the house will become a home to his future wife and children. The house is super barebones even though he's lived there for four years.  He currently has a king-sized bed frame with a queen mattress on it. His closet doubles as a pantry because he keeps it stocked with snacks! He also owns a tea cup Yorkie that has taken over the bathroom with her wee-wee pads and doggie beds/toys!

FOOD: His go-to meal is making a frozen chicken patty in the toaster oven. He'd love to learn to make a proper lasagna and expand his cooking skills so he can eventually cook for that special someone. His mom Susan loves making him care packages of chicken parm and ziti. 

CULTURE: Once Ryan steps off the DJ stage, he's a completely different person and loses all of his swag. He needs to learn how to carry himself both on and off the stage. 

EVENT:  Real Estate Open House 

Nominator: Susan Dyer, Mom

  • Susan is the proud mom to four "Jersey Boys." She beams over the fact that her four adult sons all live within a five-mile radius of the family home. When the boys were little, Ryan was always the one she worried about the most. She affectionately calls him her "Messy Marvin." Susan wants nothing more than for Ryan to find true happiness.