Age: 62

Location: Austin, TX 

Relationship Status: Single


 Charlotte is a HIV-Positive woman who is raising her two teenage grandsons, Jacovi (14) and Jacob (17), on her own. When her daughter tragically passed away seven years ago, Charlotte took the boys in without hesitation. Charlotte works extremely hard to maintain her health and provide a rich childhood for her grandchildren. She loves sharing her story and she feels especially motivated to let others know that HIV is not a death sentence. She plans on being around for a very long time to watch her grandkids grow up. Her main priority right now is helping them succeed at school and get accepted to good colleges


Charlotte is on top of her medication and doctor's visits, but she admits that she hasn't made physical fitness a priority. She has started indoor cycling and plans to race (for the first time ever!) in the Hill Country Ride for AIDS in April 2020! Charlotte wants to show her family, and the world, that an HIV-Positive woman can possess the strength, determination, and optimism needed to participate. This would be a massive accomplishment for her. She is genuinely scared to ride, but she knows she has what it takes to do it!


FASHION: Charlotte never wears pants and struggles with finding "athleisure" that looks good on her. She typically opts for flowy dresses that hide her frame. She puts her grandsons before herself, and makes sure they have the "latest and greatest" before worrying about what she will wear. 

GROOMING: Charlotte cuts, dyes, and styles her own hair - she can't remember the last time she went to the salon. She doesn't know anything about skincare, and people with HIV are prone to developing numerous types of skin conditions/rashes. She would love to learn some tips and tricks from JVN. 

DESIGN: Charlotte and her grandsons live on a first-floor apartment in East Austin. The apartment is spacious (4 bedrooms /2 bath), but it hasn't been updated in fifteen years. Charlotte is embarrassed of her old, ratty couch so she covers it with a bed sheet. The boys do NOT help tidy up, and she has a hard time getting them involved in household activities. 

FOOD: Charlotte is feeding two hungry growing teenagers which means she's cooking lots of pizzas, buffalo wings, and french fries. She would love to make healthy, filling meals that the boys will actually eat. She's also knows she needs to lose weight, and wants to develop better eating habits.  

CULTURE: Charlotte was diagnosed with HIV in 2002. She admits that prior to her diagnosis, she thought HIV was something that straight women simply didn't get. She is passionate about HIV education/awareness for african-american youth since that demographic is disproportionately affected by the virus. 

EVENT:  Hill Country Ride for Aids - April 2020

Nominator: Taylor Stockett, Executive Director - Hill Country Ride for AIDS

  • Taylor and Charlotte have been close friends for years. He is assisting her with her training sessions for the big ride this spring!