Age: 26

Location:Seguin, TX

Relationship Status: Engaged


Cody Angel is a larger-than-life, steel guitar player in a Southern Rock band. He spends half the year on the road, and the other half in the studio recording with famous Texas musicians. When he is not on the road, he lives in Seguin, Texas, in a small fixer upper with the love of his life, librarian Bailey Jo. The two could not be more different. Bailey Jo is orderly, responsible and ready to start a family. Cody, on the other hand, is locked in arrested development.  While most musicians looking to make an impression show up to the studio with a nice blazer and jeans, Cody wears “snakeskin boots and basketball shorts to his recording sessions.” He plays on the records of big name musicians, but none have picked him to play on the road.  He thinks people don’t take him seriously because “he doesn’t look the part.”


Cody’s life is about to change. On April 29, 2020, he’s marrying Bailey Jo at the “venue of her dreams,” a beautiful estate from the 1800s in Seguin. Bailey’s family will be traveling from Arkansas to attend the wedding, and Cody’s family from Alpine, Texas will also be there to celebrate. Bailey Jo’s family are super straight-laced and conservative, and Cody desperately wants to make a good impression. They are worried that Bailey Jo will be the one taking care of HIM, instead of the other way around. Cody’s fiance and friends hope the Fab 5 can show this wild child how to look and act like the man of the house.


FASHION: Cody’s style icons are the band members of Lynyrd Skynyrd. He hasn’t purchased clothes in years; his jeans, boots, and shirts are all "merch" given to him by other bands. Bailey Jo recently purchased him a “sport coat” at a Black Friday sale at Men’s Warehouse. He said it doesn’t fit very well, but it gives him a “going to town type of look,” which he likes. He often likes to match it with basketball shorts or sweatpants. For the wedding, he plans on wearing an ill-fitting tuxedo he was loaned for his best friend's wedding a couple years back, because it's all he has. 

GROOMING: Cody describes his hair style as “long and unkempt, and not brushed enough for Bailey Jo.” He keeps it long because he is embarrassed by the size of his "large" ears. ” As far as facial hair, Cody can’t decide if he should keep his ‘Joe Dirt’ mutton chops or remain clean shaven. 

DESIGN: Cody and Bailey Jo's tiny ranch home is a complete disaster. They need major help with organization and decor. There are piles of clothing, paper, and miscellaneous knick-knacks throughout the house. They are overwhelmed by the clutter and don't know how to begin to tackle it.As a couple soon to be married, they need help transforming their home from a "dorm room" to a suitable space to entertain. 

FOOD: While Cody tries to eat “white meat and veggies” when home, on the road he mostly eats at truck stops. His cooking skills are below subpar and he's never cooked for a group before- something he'd like to do to impress his in-laws as they get closer to the wedding date.

CULTURE: Cody struggles with feeling less attractive than his wife. He is truly baffled that he landed such a beautiful woman. He wants to overcome his fear that he is "less than" she is. 

EVENT:  Cody and Bailey Jo's wedding. 

Nominator:  Bailey Jo Simpson, Cody's Fiancee 

  • Bailey Jo is head over heels in love with Cody.